Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 Co-Star Alyy Khan Recalls Working With Superstar; Says, ‘He Wasn’t Prepared, I Brought My Performance To His Level’

Alyy Khan during an interaction with a podcast, recalls how Shah Rukh Khan was overacting during the shoot of Don 2 because he wasn’t prepared

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 Co-Star Alyy Khan Recalls Working With Superstar; Says, ‘He Wasn’t Prepared, I Brought My Performance To His Level’
Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most-sought after celebrities in India. While he is all set to make his comeback with Siddharth Anand’s Pathaan, there was a time when he would shoot for movies back-to-back. Recalling a time like that, his Don 2 co-star Alyy Khan recently opened up about how the superstar wasn’t prepared for his scene in the Farhan Akhtar directorial as he had just returned from working on Ra. One.

Talking to host Nadir Ali on a podcast, the British actor revealed how SRK had just flown from London to Berlin for Don 2’s shoot, and he wasn’t prepared for the scene which raised a lot of concerns among him and Farhan. Talking in Urdu, he explained that during a lunch break he and SRK were summoned to Farhan's, who Alyy referred to as a childhood friend, trailer for a quick read-through. ALSO READ: WHAT! Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Pathaan To Release On A OTT Platform In April? No Directions From Delhi HC For Its Screening In Theatres- REPORT

However, while going through the lines in a room full of department heads, SRK went off track and added a line of his own. Quoted by Indian Express, he said, “It’s obvious that since I’m doing a scene with Shah Rukh, I’ve memorised my lines. But because Shah Rukh has been busy, he hasn’t been able to memorise his. We hugged, sat down across from each other, and on my left, all the heads of department had gathered. Shah Rukh put on his glasses, and said that we should get through it quick because he was hungry. So, we read the scene, but I could see the others through my peripheral vision. Right at the end of the scene, Shah Rukh went off-script and added a line, and I could see Farhan silently shaking his head.”

When they were done, Farhan proceeded to request the Superstar to stick to the script. Talking about Shah Rukh’s response, Alyy said, “Abey saale, Don kaun hai? Shah Rukh Khan hai na? Public ko Shah Rukh Khan dekhna hai. Relax, don’t worry about it.” Later when they started shooting for the scene, SRK retained his new line, but started overacting which left the actor-director duo very concerned. ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan Becomes The ONLY Indian Celebrity To Enter The Richest Actors In The World List; Check It Out

Alyy told the host, “I was like, ‘Farhan, bata isko, yeh toh k-k-k-Kiran kar raha hai’. Kaunse school mein aagaye hain hum bhai? Ya toh hum uss 90s ke school mein khelein, ya toh aaj ke modern zamane mein. I said, ‘Tell him, man, what is he doing? If we want to do this 90s-style overracting, we can do it’. But I was giving a more grounded performance; we weren’t on the same page. I was laughing during the rehearsal, but if you do it on set, then that’s what’ll be in the film. So, I needed to bring my performance to his level.”

He further goes on to explain how what Shah Rukh was saying was true as he has build his own persona in front of the audience. He said, “This is what he was trying to say; that if he doesn’t give the public Shah Rukh Khan, they’d feel robbed.”

For the unversed, both the movies, Ra. One and Don 2, failed to impress the audience and tanked at the box-office.

On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in an extended cameo in Ayaan Mukherji's Brahmastra and Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chadda. Currently, the actor is busy preparing for his comeback on the big screen after four years with movies like Pathaan, Jawan and Dunki.

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