SHAME! 19-Year-Old Girl Raped While Seeing Padmaavat

Crazy! Nauseating! Dastardly! Is this where we have reached? Is this how we treat the women in our country? #Hangtherapist

Reportedly, a 19-year-old girl has been allegedly raped by a man inside a movie theatre in Hyderabad. The man has been arrested and remanded to judicial custody.The girl in question met the rapist through social media. On Monday, they went to watch Sanjay Leela Bhansali's recently released Padmaavat in Hyderabad's Prashanth Theatre, where the man committed the heinous crime.

Apparently, the hall had a sparse attendance and there wasn't anybody sitting near them. The accused has been identified as Bhikshapati. 

"They visited Indira Park, and Bhikshapati later took her to a movie in Prashant Theatre in the afternoon. Later, inside the theatre, he raped her by luring her with fake promise of marriage," a report has quoted inspector M Mattaiah as saying.

The police has taken action owners of Prashanth Theatre for negligence. We wonder how come there were no gatekeepers or ticket-checkers inside the hall at the time of screen. stands for the girl's justice and demands that the rapist should be given the most severe punishment.

Image Source:openclipart