SHAME: Kapil Sharma You Are Setting A Wrong Example By BREAKING TRAFFIC RULES

When celebrities do anything they should always remember that they have a massive fan following, who sometimes ape them to the T. Kapil Sharma when will you understand this?

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SHAME: Kapil Sharma You Are Setting A Wrong Example By BREAKING TRAFFIC RULES
There is no doubt that Kapil Sharma is a household name and has a humongous fan following. So, he should know that all his actions are being watched by millions. And a lot of times, fans end up following what their favourite star does.

So here's why we are upset with Kapil.

This morning, Kapil took to the streets of Amritsar, riding a bike. He was going around town showing his fans a few places from his childhood, and telling them stories related to them. Check out the video here:

Kapil captioned the post as: "#Amritsar #memories #winters #fun #food #bikeride oh god.. missing so many things (sic)."

While all was good till here, we noticed that Kapil wasn't wearing a helmet while riding the bike. The intentions behind making the video may have been good, but the execution was completely wrong.

Not wearing a helmet is a serious issue which the traffic police in India is trying to resolve. If celebs like Kapil will go ahead and not wear helmets while on the streets, it will definitely set a wrong example for all his fans.

Not only was Kapil riding without a helmet but was also talking to the camera mounted on the bike riding along with him. He was not even concentrating at the road continuously, putting not only his but other's life also in danger.

Kapil should really be careful about his image now, as past few months he has hampered it a lot. One can't forget the 'mid-air' brawl with Sunil Grover and Kapil's downfall post that.

Image Source: instagram/kapilsharmafans