Shreyas Talpade Slams KRK For Badmouthing Poster Boys, Says 'Aukaat Mein Reh'

Shreyas Talpade has given Kamaal Rashid Khan a dose of his own medicine. When KRK slammed his debut directorial, Poster Boys, Shreyas told him off with a dialogue from the film itself

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Shreyas Talpade Slams KRK For Badmouthing Poster Boys, Says 'Aukaat Mein Reh'

Shreyas Talpade's debut directorial Poster Boys has received great reviews from the critics. But Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK, mocked the film starring Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol on Twitter.

KRK wrote, "Top class Wahiyat film #PosterBoys collected 1.80Cr on day1 n it's proof of 0 stardom of Deols n Ch***pa direction of @shreyastalpade1 (sic)."

Now KRK is better known for his sexist tweets than his film reviews and he is no trade analyst too.

Shreyas couldn't handle this sort of badmouthing from KRK, and thus in his own funny way decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Shreyas tweeted: "Aukaat mein reh @kamaalrkhan chu**#. Kabhi haath lagaa toh itni zor se patkungaa ki tappa khake chatt se lagega. Jai Maharashtra (sic)."

For those who are yet to see Poster Boys, what Shreyas tweeted is a dialogue from the movie itself.

KRK also replied to Shreyas' outburst by saying, "Pahalwan, Main Toh Teri Film Ke show Par Mila ThAA But Tu Kuch Bola Hi Nahi. Agli Baar Pant Main Susu Nikalne Se Pahle Bolne Ki Himmat Karna (sic)."

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Bobby returned to the big screen after 4 years with Poster Boys alongside big brother Sunny and Shreyas. The comedy revolves around three men who involuntarily become the face of a vasectomy campaign in their small town and the shenanigans that follow.

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