Simran Controversy PART 2: Friends Of Kangana Ranaut & Hansal Mehta Speak Out

While Apurva Asrani may have given his own side of the story, reached out to people close to the other party- Kangana Ranaut & Hansal Mehta to get their side of the story...

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Simran Controversy PART 2: Friends Of Kangana Ranaut & Hansal Mehta Speak Out

This afternoon we told you how Simran’s editor and Hansal Mehta’s long term partner Apurva Asrani confirmed to about being terminated from his services as an Editor of the film (Simran). He also indirectly blamed Kangana for his ouster saying, “samajhne wale samajh jaayenge ki maine project kyun choda.”

After Mumbai Mirror reported about the further development, a friend of Hansal Mehta called us to say that it’s only Apurva Asrani’s version which is doing the rounds. It is sad that neither Hansal nor Kangana have been contacted. The friend on request of anonymity went on to reveal a few details which hint that Apurva Asrani is an insecure person.

We also learnt that Apurva Asrani played a similar game when Hansal helmed Manoj Bajpayee starrer- Aligarh. Recalling the entire episode which unfolded that time, the source elaborated, “Ishani Banerjee had written Aligarh, and min you she did a beautiful job. At that instance, Apurva demanded from Hansal that Ishani should be sacked. He made it so unpleasant that Ishani chose to bow down and exited without creating any drama,”

We also spoke to Ishani to get her perspective and she said, “Look, Hansal Mehta and Apurva Asrani are my seniors. For me, Aligarh was a smooth process. I cannot elaborate anything more. I hope you understand.”

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“Hansal Mehta was jolted after this incidence. In fact, employees in his office still talk about what Apurva did to Ishaani. And now with this recent development, his office is abuzz again with talks that Apurva had the cheek to tell Hansal that now he wanted Kangana also out,” added the source.

Another friend who is close to Kangana Ranaut, stated that it’s Kangana who originally sketched out the script. “Kangana was supposed to do Sarbjit with Hansal which was later directed by Omung Kumar. Hansal and Kangana continued to discuss ideas and then zeroed down on Simran,” said Kangana’s friend.

The source then continued to reveal details about Kangana and Apurva’s reading sessions, “Apurva and Kangana often sat down to flesh out the script which Kangana had penned rather clearly. Apurva used to go to Kangana’s house where she used to verbally dictate scenes to him and he used to write it down in the format of a script.”

“As Kangana was so involved in the writing sessions, Hansal tried explaining it to Apurva that therefore Kangana’s name as a co-writer is justified. However, Apurva had the audacity to tell Kangana that she should ask Hansal to withdraw her name from the credits,” concluded the source.

Matters reached the end when Apurva didn’t attend a few edit meets. Now we hear, a new Editor named Charu has come on board to edit Simran. Charu begins her work today.

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