Sofia Hayat: Emotionless SEX Is Dull & Mechanical

Sofia Hayat took to Instagram to talk about sex. The former nun opines that sex without emotions is like two robots banging their metal bodies against each other

Controversial model-actress Sofia Hayat has spoken about her opinion on sex in one of her latest posts on social media. She took to Instagram to post a picture of a thought-provoking quote. Check it out:

The quote reads, "Emotionless sex is dull and mechanical sex. It's like two robots banging their metal bodies against each other. It has no fluidity. It is not divine (sic)."

Sofia went ahead to caption the pic as: "Sex you really know what it is..(sic)."

Sofia has been talking about various topic on her social media accounts ever since she got married to London-based entrepreneur Vlad Stanescu earlier this year. The former nun, had shared a video where she was seen getting intimate with her newly wed husband, and that video went viral.

Sofia was seen in red lingerie, kissing her husband while Om Shanti Om chants played in the background.

The couple's wedding was a colourful ceremony held in London, with the bride dressed in a golden outfit and the groom wearing a traditional Indian sherwani. Both Sofia and Vlad wore crowns and the guests too sported some interesting ensembles.

Image Source: twitter/sofiahayat