Surveen Chawla Had Once Shared Series Of Casting Couch Experiences: ‘One Filmmaker Wanted To See How My Cleavage Looks And One Wants To See How My Thighs Looked’

Surveen Chawla had once narrated her casting couch experience but kept the names of these wrongdoers under wraps

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Surveen Chawla Had Once Shared Series Of Casting Couch Experiences: ‘One Filmmaker Wanted To See How My Cleavage Looks And One Wants To See How My Thighs Looked’
Surveen Chawla has been an established name in the film fraternity, from TV shows to films to now the digital world, she has carved her niche. Like many actresses have opened up about facing the casting couch in the early phase of their career, the Sacred Games actress too had once opened up having unpleasant encounters several times in her career. In an interview with Pinkvilla in 2019, she had narrated an incident when she was told to go on a recce with a director for a film.

Narrating this incident she said, “Then came south and that was my biggest blow. I faced the casting couch thrice. There was a time I was told to accompany a film director for a recce and I was told 'I want to know every inch of your body'. I just started ignoring calls from then on.” Followed by this without giving out the name of a National Award Winning director from the South film industry, she revealed the director wanted to be up close and personal with her.

Surveen added, “This was another ridiculously big director down south, a National Award-winning director. I had a very long audition there, it almost lasted a shift. I had to do various things – a monologue or saying something impromptu. I was unwell and I returned after the audition. Then the director suddenly offered to come to Mumbai as I was unwell. I found it very creepy and said ‘no, thank you’.” Revealing as she did not speak in Tamil and the director did not understand any other language besides this, they had a person on the phone call translating the things to her.

She further said, “On the same phone call, in which I was not speaking to the director as he could only speak Tamil and no English or Hindi. He spoke to me through someone, maybe a friend. That person told me on the phone that ‘sir needs to know you, he needs to understand you as this film will take a long time to make’. And then he jumped to ‘only till the film and then you can stop’. I very innocently asked him ‘stop what’. So, he said ‘just till the film this will go on; then you can stop’.” ALSO READ: Minissha Lamba Recounts Casting Couch Experiences; Actor Reacts To Rumours Of Going Under The Knife-Deets INSIDE

Followed by the actress making it clear that she is not interested in that kind of barter and is only willing to work if the director feels she is talented enough. The film never happened shared the actress. “I still remember my words. I told him that you are knocking on the wrong door. If sir thinks I am talented then I am still willing to work in his film but I cannot barter myself. And that film also didn’t happen,” added Surveen. ALSO READ: Actress Eesha Agarwal Shares A Casting Couch Experience: 'He Asked Me To Undress So That He Can See My Body'- EXCLUSIVE

Along with these old incidents, she also talked about the casting couch in Bollywood, when filmmakers demanded to get a glimpse of her assets. She said, “It happened quite recently, last to last year. I had to barge out of an office because of someone trying to insinuate an act and I will never do that,” continuing further she said, “One filmmaker wanted to see how my cleavage looks and one filmmaker wants to see how my thighs looked. This kind of stuff happens.” ALSO READ: Prachi Desai Opens Up On Casting Couch Experience; Says ‘Direct Propositions’ Were Made To Get Cast In A ‘Big Film’: ‘I Outright Said No’

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