Swara Bhasker Slams Troll For Initiating #BoycottVeereDiWedding, Goes On A Twitter Rant!

A certain columnist initiated #BoycottVeereDiWedding on Twitter that invited Swara Bhasker’s wrath. Once again, Swara went on a Twitter rant and slammed trollers who tried to mock her...

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Swara Bhasker Slams Troll For Initiating #BoycottVeereDiWedding, Goes On A Twitter Rant!

A couple of days back, we told you how Swara Bhasker lashed out at a troll who slammed Kareena Kapoor for marrying a Muslim and naming her kid, Taimur.

Now, Swara has locked horns with a columnist Shefali Vaidya, who has been urging people to not watch Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania starrer Veere Di Wedding and has instigated has the hashtag #BoycottVeereDiWedding.

Let us tell you, Shefali started ranting against Bollywood celebrities who protested against the recent Kathua, Unnao and Surat rape cases. She believes that this is hypocrisy as Bollywood supports skin show.

Shefali tweeted saying, “Dear Hindus, if you have any self respect or dignity left, PLEASE do not watch any movie that stars @ReallySwara, Kareena Kapoor, @humasqureshi Kalki Koechlin, Sonam Kapoor and all other placard wala B grade actresses. Hit them where it hurts.”

To which Swara replied, “Shefali ji aap rape apologist & morally bankrupt ho, that’s ok.. Saarey Hindus ko kyun shaamil kar rahey ho apney nafrati jamaat mein? Many Hindus whose humanity is still intact condemning #Kathua & #Unnao & #Surat & fighting for justice pls don’t malign them with ur stupid hate.”

She then write, “In which Sanghan @ShefVaidya insults all Hindus and maligns Hinduism by suggesting that all Hindus should become rape apologists like herself 🙄🙄🙄🙄”

Shefali further tweeted. “Say, talking abt 'rape apologists' weren't you the one who said that Padmavati should have preferred to be a sex slave of a maniac like Khilji rather than kill herself to escape rape? Clearly, you seem to think with that part of anatomy that you claim you were reduced to!”

Swara retorted saying, “Ma’am videsh mein rehtey ho, angrezi seekh kar dobara letter padh Lena shaayad iss baar samajh aa jaaye.. Baaki as a co-woman we share the body part you are trying to shame me with. It’s called v.a.g.i.n.a and I’m not ashamed to have it. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 #iHaveAnNRIHater”

“BTW, @ReallySwara, in my faith, both Yoni and Linga are worshipped together as a symbol of creation. It is YOU who thinks vagina is some kind of a bad word, which is why YOU used the phrase 'reduced to a vagina' - JNU campus me dhang ki angrezi seekhayi nahi kisine aapko?”

“Hmm, 7000 plus RTs, no wonder Khatoon Shehla and 'Reduced-to-a-vagina' Bhaskar are ranting so much against this me!”

“Very amused to see Bollytards targeting me over my tweet requesting people to boycott movies of @ReallySwara @KareenaOnline Sonam Kapoor and Huma Qureishi. The more these guys target me, the more I am convinced that the tweet has found its mark!!”

Well, Swara didn’t stop here. She even slammed few publications and other trolls also. Here are few other tweets: