Tantrum King Arjun Rampal Says ‘SHUT UP’ To Dubai Stylist

Arjun Rampal was in Dubai to promote Daddy and he was being styled for free. All he had to do was give a shout-out to the stylists. But instead he was rude to them. However, folks present with the actor had a different story to tell. Versions from Dubai galore. Read on...

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Tantrum King Arjun Rampal Says ‘SHUT UP’ To Dubai Stylist

Arjun Rampal was in Dubai recently on a two-day promotional tour of his gangster drama Daddy. While he was all smiles for the camera, there was drama unfolding behind the scenes.

daddy movie poster
Daddy Poster

The experience left a bitter taste in the mouth of Zeenat Jaffer of Z Haus, who has worked with names like Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan in the past.

Z Haus sponsored the styling of Arjun during the tour and in exchange, all he had to do was shoot a media byte promoting the brand.

zeenat jaffer of z haus brand
Zeenat Jaffer Of Z Haus Brand

But after the two-day tour was wrapped up, Arjun refused to fulfil the promise. When he was requested to do a quick media byte, the star got irritated and screamed at the manager of Z Haus: ‘Shut Up’.

We spoke to Zeenat and this is what she had to say.

“We sponsored the styling for the promotional tour of his film Daddy in Dubai. We do that for free and then the star has the obligation to support us by giving us a media byte. My manager kept requesting him and then he finally turned around, first he said, ‘Keep Quiet’ and then he said ‘Shut up’.”

arjun rampal promotes his movie daddy in dubai
Arjun Rampal Promotes His Movie Daddy In Dubai

“We sponsored all the make-up and hair, we bore the cost. We just want the star to give a shout-out to us which we then share on our social media platforms and in our campaigns. Just a line like ‘Z Haus Rocks’, that’s all. He was quite rude. First, we thought that he would do it after the event wraps up but he just refused,” said Zeenat.

Syed Imad , CEO of Dream Advertising And Ministry Of Events, who was responsible for local promotions in Dubai and hiring the make-up and hair dismissed the sequence of events and said, "None of this happened. We were together and Arjun was extremely professional. In fact, Arjun went the extra mile in obliging his fans and everyone during his visit.”

B4U head, Sunil Shah, said, "I was with Arjun throughout this promotional tour and none of this happened. Arjun was extremely polite and courteous to everyone, especially the team and entourage that was assigned to him. He took pictures with everyone and was very cooperative. In fact, when we went on our sponsor and media visits, he was so professional and won over everyone's hearts."

That was not all, Zeenat went on to add, Arjun had way too many demands.

“We do all the major events in Dubai. Usually the drill is, we do the styling and we come back. But he wanted our staff to be there on standby, for both the days. There were many locations, he went to the radio station, to the mall etc etc and my staff was with him throughout,” said Zeenat.

Zeenat was shocked by the ungracious behaviour of Arjun as bigger stars had graciously said kind words for Z Haus on camera.

“Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, Alia Bhatt we have all their media bytes. Kanika Kapoor is my client, she pays for our services and has given us a shou-out. This is the first time that a star has said ‘No’ and not just refused but also said ‘Shut up’,” said a shocked Zeenat.

Arjun Rampal are you listening?

Image Source: Instagram/ rampal72 / Facebook / Zeenatjaffer / Facebook / Sheikhafifa