WHAT! Nysa Devgn Trained Mother Kajol To Write Social Media Captions; Actress Says, ‘She Gave Up On Me Two Months Later’

Kajol shares how daughter Nysa Devgn trained her to write her own captions

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WHAT! Nysa Devgn Trained Mother Kajol To Write Social Media Captions; Actress Says, ‘She Gave Up On Me Two Months Later’
When it comes to talking about her family and sharing cute little personal anecdotes, Bollywood actress Kajol is always on the forefront. She unabashedly indulges into details and expresses herself very eloquently. Currently busy promoting her upcoming movie Salaam Venky, during an interview with the media, the actress revealed that her daughter Nysa Devgn trained her on how to put captions on her social media handles. 

Talking about the time when she made her ‘debut’ on the internet, she said that her posts were under the surveillance of the 19-year-old. The star-kid trained her mother on how to write captions, but soon gave up. As quoted by DNA, Kajol said, “When I made my debut on social media, everything was under the surveillance of my daughter Nysa. She made it a point to decide my pictures and captions. This drill went on for one or two months and after that, she gave up on me saying that she couldn`t manage me anymore.” ALSO READ: Kajol Takes A DIG At Karan Johar’s Obsession With Star Kids, Amused Netizens Say, ‘That Was Personal’- Watch Video

The 48-year-old actress further revealed that her daughter would always complain that the captions Kajol wrote would not be understood by anyone else but her. She said, “She has a lot of problems with the captions I put, and she would complain saying that only I can understand my captions. Though I told her that if she does not want, I would not put such captions, but she said she doesn`t want to do it. So, unfortunately, I am only doing the captioning now.” ALSO READ: Kajol REACTS To Trolls Attacking Daughter Nysa On Social Media: ‘If You Are Trolled, You Are Famous’

Kajol’s daughter Nysa has been subjected to online trolling for quite some time now, especially due to her glow-up during the recent years. In a media interaction when asked about the advice the senior actor gave her young one, Kajol had shared that she told  Nysa to ignore the negative comments written about her on the internet. She further added, “Voh same cheez main use bhi samjhati hun. Agar ek insaan aapko bol raha hai ki yeh kharab hai, toh usme se 10,000 log hain jo sochte hain ki you are the most beautiful girl in the world. And most important of all what do you see in the mirror?” 

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