WHAT? This Bollywood Singer Attended A Wedding Wearing Just A Towel...

He’s smart, handsome, son of a famous singer and his experience of attending a wedding in a towel is just too hilarious...

Popular singing reality show judge Neha Kakkar revealed a secret about this singer who is very particular about his fashion sense. But you will be surprised to know that he has attended a wedding clad in just a towel. Can you guess who he is?

Well, we are talking about Aditya Narayan, who confirmed this incident and told a section of media, "I follow this ritual of checking into a hotel in the city once every year to unwind. During one such stay, I'd come out of the bathroom in a towel and instead of getting dressed first, I decided to place the dirty dishes outside the room. But the moment I stepped out, the door closed behind me and I was locked out of my room. The only solution was to go down to the reception and get a new key. So, down I went, clothed in just a towel. Unfortunately for me, there was a big wedding happening at the hotel. The guests recognised me and I was dragged to the venue. Even before I could understand what was happening, I found myself sitting between the bride and the groom, clad in nothing but a towel."

Now, isn't this is just too funny?

Neha Kakkar is judging Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs, which is hosted by Aditya Narayan.

Thumbnail Image Source: shutterstock