When Shah Rukh Khan Got Emotional As He Remembered His Parents; 'I Should've Told Them That I Love Them' -VIDEO INSIDE

Throwback to the time Shah Rukh Khan shared how much he misses his parents

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When Shah Rukh Khan Got Emotional As He Remembered His Parents; 'I Should've Told Them That I Love Them' -VIDEO INSIDE
Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most loved actors in the industry. He made a name for himself without any connections in the industry. Today, we all know about SRK's luxury liabilities, but we are still not very familiar with the actor's early life. Well, back in a reality show, SRK had opened up about his early life and his family.

In an old video clip from the show Dus Ka Dum Season 3 hosted by Salman Khan, SRK and Rani had appeared as guests. King Khan can be heard saying, "Mein teen bacchon ka baap hun aur zindagi mein isse badi khwaish kisi ma baap ki nahi hoti ki unke bacche kabhi kabar, mahine mein saal mein kabhi kabar bol de ki mummy papa hum aapse pyaar karte hain. Mere dono ma baap chal base, toh mujhe aisa laga ki ek-do baar keh dena chahiye tha mujhe (I am a father to three kids and every parents wish that their children remind them once a month, once in six months or even once in a year that I love we love you. After my parents died, I realised that I should've told them that I love them a few more times).”

To the unversed, SRK's father, the late Taj Mohammed Khan, had come to India from Peshawar. During the initial age of 15, SRK lost his father due to cancer and later on in 1990s he also lost his mother due to a prolonged illness.

Earlier, in an interview with Hindustan Times in 2011, King Khan had opened up about his parents. He said, “I think both parents are really important for children and it’s a great gift of God if children have both their parents. I lost my parents very early, so I attach a huge amount of importance to having them with you. I fight with my wife saying that a father is more important but I guess that’s a bias being a father. A father needs to be a guardian, a parent, someone who one can look up to. But most importantly, to be a friend.”

He added, “More than my father’s strictness, goodness, his education or all the ideals that he gave me, what I miss most is having a friend.”

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