Good Newwz, Movie Review: Bold, Told, Sold- This Akshay-Kareena-Kiara-Diljit Sperm Commotion Will Make You ROFL

It's hilarious. It has moments of emotion. If you have a funny bone and heart, you will ENJOY this Akshay-Kareena-Kiara-Diljit rigmarole.

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Good Newwz, Movie Review: Bold, Told, Sold- This Akshay-Kareena-Kiara-Diljit Sperm Commotion Will Make You ROFL
I have rarely laughed so much. My funny bone rarely been tickled so much. I have never started writing a review on my way out from the theatre but I am doing it for the first time. Blame it on my excitement. Good Newwz from Karan Johar's stable is a winning horse.

This sperm mix-up film has several scenes which leave a mark. Watch the scenes when Diljit and Kiara visit Akshay and Kareena's house. Watch the Akshay-Diljit scene in the bar. Watch Kareena sunaoing Akshay in the end. The list is long.

You know, sometimes I feel that there should be no interval in movies. People come back with tubs of popcorn (most of them want to make a status statement with that) and Pepsis which are falling on their shirts when they can't hold the load they've purchased, which costs at least twice more than their ticket. And then, by the time they settle down- many times, a lot of popcorn is lying on the floor near their seat- they feel they're seeing a different film! So yeah, I heard these comments from my co-watchers that the second half is less hilarious and emotion takes over- but so what? This film is largely about a suave guy (Akshay Kumar) who refuses to accept and develop feelings for the child that is growing in his wife's (Kareena) womb but is incidentally not his. Which is why it is but natural that there are going to be some scenes wherein the heart will rule the roost.
Good Newwz

Akshay Kumar is brilliant. Whatever he touches, turns gold. Whatever he acts in, is 8-9 times out of 10 with watching. In fact, I told him last week when I met him that he not only has a good script sense but also has identified his audience, or let's say, what the audience wants today.

The fact that Kareena Kapoor has a full-length role thrilled me to bits. I have seen her in some of those big movies in the last 5-10 years with superstars and strongly felt that she was under-utilised. This one just entrenches her position at the apex.

Kiara Advani is lovely. This girl is travelling fast and I don't think that destiny can be cruel to her.

Diljit Dosanjh comes up with unarguably his best role and performance in Bollywood till date. No more the Diljit with crouched shoulders, he is Goddamnit 'Honey Singh' with no inhibitions.

Anjana Sukhani returns to the silver screen with a silver performance. Last seen in Coffee With Di with Sunil Grover, Anjana makes you wonder why we don't see her in more films. Filmmakers, please sit up.

Good Newwz

Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra as the Joshi doctors, err, 'Doshi' doctors, are extremely convincing.

Some of the dialogues are very bold. Some of the comedy is extremely bold. But when you see it not just in totality but even frame to frame, you understand that it's just the way it should be.

Well done, Raj Mehta (director); it didn't seem that this is your first film. Well done, KJo (producer), you made my X'mas good fun! 

I am going with FOUR.

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