Movie Review: Saat Uchakkey, Only Gaaliyaan, No Taaliyaan

I can't source his name from the Internet but would like to meet the man/woman who wrote this film to understand his/her psyche

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Movie Review: Saat Uchakkey, Only Gaaliyaan, No Taaliyaan
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I don't understand why a film like Saat Uchakkey should be made. Is it because senior actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Kay Kay Menon and Vijay Raaz wanted an exercise to let out some angst? Is it because the director Sanjeev Sharma had an axe to grind against Pahlaj Nihalani (some old dushmani, un dino ki baat hai jab main Belapur thaane mein tha types)? Or is it because Manoj & Co wanted to test that who sounds more convincing in mouthing foul language?

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The only girl in their midst Aditi Sharma (of TV show Ganga fame!) is not far behind; she makes an entry with a threat to a bhajiwallah that if he doesn't give her the sabzi at lesser rates she'll shove a doodhi up his g***d.

While Manoj, Kay Kay and Vijay- the last named has better lines but those too are inundated with BCs and MCs-- rewrite that they know acting at the back of their hand, the fact remains till the last frame that they shouldn't have touched this film with a bargepole.

Anupam Kher has 3 hackneyed scenes. What a waste of a brilliant actor!

Visualise this. Manoj and Aditi mouth ba****h*d when they have a difference of opinion. A man's testicles are pressed and he is lifted because he is not saying the truth. Women's blouses are torn by men to show them in bras, the Hindi word for faeces is used indiscriminately, a man is shown urinating- and you want to throw your popcorn away.

So what have you to jhelo apart from the gaaliyoon ki nausea? An immensely frustrated Manoj- who starts to go nanga if people stare at him in a ganji- wants to get rich overnight by robbing a haveli. Almost the entire remaining cast rallies around him, except Kay Kay Menon who is sitting on the right side of the law.

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The production values of the film are extremely poor and one wonders at times if a skit is being staged. And how can I forget Annu Kapoor, another classic actor on any other given day, whose character in the climax is so inexplicable that you've got your confirmatory test that it was indeed a skit, err, an abusive skit.

No taaliyaan. Let the curtains come down on this quickly lest I abuse.

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