Movie Review: Tera Intezaar...Guaranteed To Drive You Bonkers

This ghost flick with Sunny Leone-Arbaaz Khan fights hard to win the Award for the Worst Film of Year

0 star ratings awarded for tera intezaar

Rating: Choke, splutter, gasp, stars absolutely not applicable

No kidding. This one must be one of the nominees for the winner of the WORST Film of the Year. Jeer!

Now, I shouldn’t really have to explain why. Pairing teakwood Arbaaz Khan with simper-‘n’-slay Sunny Leone should be explanation. Surround them with four weirdo Jackos and Jills  (one of them’s Arya Babbar making funnier faces, unintentionally, this side of Johnny Lever), order them to bungle in jungles, go glug-glug-we’re-drowning-in-an-ocean. And ta ra ra pum pum, top them all with Sudha Chandran portraying a ghost-buster of sorts, and you’ll know why Tera Intezaar, belongs to the pits.

Directed by Raajeev Walia, Tera Whatever must have been ideated the lord knows-where-when-and-why. The pitch could have only been: let’s make a Sunny Leoneji movie, dhamaal hit ho jaayegi.

sunny leone and arbaaz khan tera intezar
Sunny Leone & Arbaaz Khan Tera Intezaar

Tsk, Walia and Co, then, presumably scribbled a screenplay (inspired by some vague memories of the Demi Moore-Patrick Swayze movie Ghost). To twist the Bhoot classic beyond human recognition, the add-ons are some fiddlesticks and nonsense about judwaa types (not telling you who-on-earth though), the surreal sight of a mango materialising out of nowhere (an unseasonal alphonso, no less), and a Van Gogh yellowish-musardish sweater that could be a deadly clue to the maniacal supernatural mystery.

Speaking of Van Gogh, I know it’s blasphemous to mention his name any which way vis-à-vis Artist Veersingh (Arbaaz, heh heh) who paints a rather worthless portrait of Art Gallerist Raunaq (Leone, hawwww). He’s never met her in person, on Facebook, nowhere, except in his dreams. Wow now the portraitwali lady is smitten, and purrs away like a kitten.

sunny leone in tera intezaar
Sunny Leone In Tera Intezaar

Believe it or not, every art buyer, their uncles and aunties are keen to pay globs of money for Apna Artist’s canvases. Such lunacy really. Twisteroo in the story now: Artist hero vanishes, he could have been killed by an angry art critic of course. But dispense that theory.

I didn’t really understand, or want to follow the rest of this brain-zapper of a movie, if it can be called a movie at all.

Okay, so Ms Leone dances provocatively to lyrics which allude to Jhumka Patialewala (huh, why Patiala?), and models chiffony, seductive outfits which verge on the pret-a-porter side. Woe betide.

arbaaz khan and sunny leone in tera intezaar
Arbaaz Khan And Sunny Leone In Tera Intezaar

Yeah, so do see some clear-blue vistas of Mauritius, and wish you were there instead of suffering duffering through this Intezaar. Actually, the one element you wait for is the end.

When it does, you’re elated – so you can tell the rest of the world to avoid Tera Intezaar, even if you’re paid to see it.

Image Source: youtube/T-Series & twitter/sunnyleone