Masaba Gupta Takes A Swipe At Diet Sabya And His 'Gandi Copy' Posts; You 'Owe An Explanation'

Ace designer Masaba Gupta and fashion stylist and producer Rhea Kapoor have opened up on the notorious fashion critic, Diet Sabya, who calls out Indian designers and fashion houses for their #GandiCopies. The duo also revealed what impact it has on the fashion world and how it’s affecting designers.

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Masaba Gupta Takes A Swipe At Diet Sabya And His 'Gandi Copy' Posts; You 'Owe An Explanation'

Notorious fashion critic Diet Sabya has been on many designers' hit list. The Instagram page calls out all the copy cats of the industry for their #GandiCopies. Be it Ananya Panday or Sonam Kapoor or Kartik Aaryan or television actors, for that matter, many have been featured on his Instagram page for wearing the copied designs of Indian designers. Now, Masaba Gupta and Anil Kapoor’s daughter, Rhea Kapoor have opened on how Diet Sabya, ‘an inspiration’ from the cult Diet Prada.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Masaba Gupta said, “This to me I think it has become a bit personal. They’re picking on how someone looks. I mean isn’t the whole point of Instagram is to be a little bit more positive about everybody else? You’re picking on how someone’s stomach looks or how someone is badly dressed, but to them, they must be the best dresser in the World. So, the job focus has moved which I don’t like, having said that I think they started off on a great note, if they went back to that then that’s great. But I think they owe every designer and design house an explanation.” (ALSO READ: After Facing Music From Sonam-Rhea Kapoor, Diet Sabya Deletes The Controversial Insta Post And Says Sorry)

While Rhea said the leading portal that they first have to be extremely clear about one thing that everything has a mother. Everyone gets inspired by something or the other. But how do you draw the line between inspiration and plagiarism? If you claim to be the person that can draw the line, my suggestion for you is to do as much homework as possible.

She then suggested Diet Sabya that one part of the homework is to reach out to the person you are accusing and ask them if they have anything to comment on. This is because the Insta page has been putting it on a public platform and they don’t know how is it going to affect them, one. Two, it has also become a space where people put out their uninformed opinions and she doesn’t know how healthy that is. Third, for example, there’s a whole thing of their images being photoshopped. 

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