Daniel Zovatto Talks About The Brutality Of Don’t Breathe Action Scenes

The actor confesses he had bruises by the time his action sequence with Stephen was done

Don’t Breathe will be in theatres this week and the film promises to be an amazing thriller. Critics have received the film well and the action sequences are being acclaimed.

SpotboyE.com got in touch with Daniel Zovatto, who plays one of the main characters in the film. He has an important action sequence with Stephen Lang, who plays the Blind Man. Danie had this to say about the action sequence: 

“That was a really fun scene. I think it was like a two-day thing, it was a long scene to shoot, and there were a lot of angles and stuff like that. By the end I had bruises and scars on my neck and I didn’t want to pause because I wanted to feel the pain.”

Don’t Breathe begins as the story of three losers who decide to burgle the house of an Army veteran after they find out that he has a large amount of cash in the house.

The film is directed by Fede Alvarez, who had earlier directed Evil Dead.

Daniel Zovatto speaks about the action sequence that he has with Stephen Lang in the upcoming film, Don’t Breathe.

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