Jodie Foster’s stalker to be set free

Her stalker John Hinckley Jr. was undergoing treatment in a mental asylum for 35 years.

John Hinckley, Jr, Jodie Foster’s stalker is currently in a mental asylum. He was ruled not guilty due by reason of insanity. He attempted to assassinate former US President Ronald Reagan in 1981, but is set to be released from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital on August 5.

The 61-year old Hinckley has spent 35 years in the hospital, after he attempted to impress the then-teenager Jodie by assassinating Reagan. The attempted assassination wounded Reagan, a police officer, a Secret Service agent and killed the press secretary James Brady.

Hinckley’s obsession with Jodie goes back to the days when he first saw her play the role of a child prostitute in the cult favourite Taxi Driver. He began slipping poems under Foster’s door when she entered Yale University. Even during incarceration, authorities have found proof of a continued obsession with Jodie Foster.

The conditions of John’s release are that he will have no interaction with the Reagan and the Foster family.

Thumbnail Image Source: thetelegraph