Kanye West Joins Instagram, Has 1 Million Followers Already

The rapper has just a random photo on his account right now, but things may get hotter.

Kanye West decided to make an account on Instagram and it’s already got a million followers. Kanye’s fans were in for a pleasant surprise when they saw the rapper’s name on Instagram, complete with the iconic blue tick ahead of his name.

The account has a photo of a car at the moment, but knowing Kanye, this account is definitely going to give us some interesting moments and grab headlines, going ahead. Kanye has courted controversy quite a few times during his social outings and even his work.

SpotboyE.com told you about the feud with Taylor Swift that’s been going on since a while now. He fired the latest salvo with his Famous video, depicting a life-like mannequin of Taylor Swift nude and in bed with life-like mannequins of Kanye, Kim and several other celebrities. In the lyrics, the rapper alleged that he’s made Taylor famous. (Kanye West calls out Taylor Swift, Apr 12 )

Since then, Kanye and wife Kim have been part of the feud between ex-couple Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. The rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian are social media darlings. Wifey Kim has 89.5 million followers right.

Thumbnail Image Source: telva