Momager Kris Jenner clamps down security on daughter Kendall after stalker incident

She might now have to move out of the house and move around with an entourage of bodyguards

Kris Jenner is shocked after daughter Kendall Jenner had an unwanted interaction with a stalker at the latter’s house. And now, mommy is pulling all stops in maintaining the security of Kendall. Kendall, 20, got a rude shock when she reached home to find a man in her driveway. According to reports, Kendall drove through but the trespasser followed her. She then remained in the car and called the police, who promptly arrested the man for stalking.

Rumours are that the Kardashian family didn’t want Kendall to stay in that house because they didn’t think it was secure enough. Kendall had moved into the house just a few months ago. Buzz is, Kendall will now be forced to move about with an entourage of bodyguards – she wasn’t doing that till now. Fallout of the stalker incident is that she’ll have to move out the house on an immediate basis and into something much more secure and safe.

Kris takes her and her children’s security quite seriously. She is known to have earlier hired armed guards for her and the children’s security.  Sources say Kris is absolutely enraged about the stalker incident.

Thumbnail Image Source: Popcrush