Sharon Stone Recalls Near Death Experience, ‘No One's Running Around Trying To Fix You, That's When You Realize How Near Death Is’

Actress Sharon Stone recalls near death experience. Says suffering from cerebral hemorrhage stroke in 2001 sent shivers down her spine

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Sharon Stone Recalls Near Death Experience, ‘No One's Running Around Trying To Fix You, That's When You Realize How Near Death Is’
American actor Sharon Stone recalling her near death experience sent shivers down our spine. The actress who suffered cerebral hemorrhage stroke in 2001, shared she was told by the doctors if the bleeding doesn’t stop after nine days, she might die. As reported in Fox News, she opened up about her tragic time in life during an interview, when she was convinced that she would die. The actress has penned about this life threatening incident in her life in her memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice.

In her memoir, she had penned, “You write about the light, the feeling of falling, seeing people who had passed.” Recalling the day, she said, “The room was so silent. When the room is so silent and no one's running around trying to fix you, that's when you realize how near death is and how serious everything is.” She also shared how these experiences are not only restricted to her but many have felt it, as they near death. 

“I found out that I wasn't the only one who'd had this kind of experience. It's so profound. And I know that scientists feel that it's a scientific thing that happens. And spiritualists believe that it's a spiritual thing. Personally, I'm with (Albert) Einstein, who believed that it's both,” Sharon added.

Also as per reports this near death experience made the actress rethink her priorities. She said, “I'm in a really grateful place. When I was a kid, I always wanted to have a house full of kids running and screaming and dogs, and I got it. And I feel very blessed and happy about the life I got. We're happy together, and what's better than that?.” ALSO READ: Sharon Stone Reveals How She Was Fooled Into Removing Her Panties For The Famous Scene In Basic Instinct

Continuing further she said, “There's nothing more free than standing centered in yourself. I tell my friends that my new mantra is, 'It's never too late to become yourself.”

In an interview with Variety, in 2019, the actress had revealed it took seven years for her to recover from the stroke, amidst which she lost everything.  Revealing the deets she said, “I had to remortgage my house. I lost everything I had. I lost my place in the business. I was like the hottest movie star, you know? It was like Miss Princess Diana and I were so famous, and she died and I had a stroke. And we were forgotten.” ALSO READ: Priyanka Chopra's Bumble Dating App BLOCKS Sharon Stone's Account; Find Out Why

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