Stan Lee responds to David Ayer’s F^&K Marvel rant

The comic-book stalwart had a restrained reply to Suicide Squad director’s David Ayer’s Marvel rant

The great has spoken. Even as Suicide Squad has yet to hit Indian theatres, the controversy about DC, Marvel and the film is stoking up the Internet.

Stan Lee response to David’s rant was this tweet:

There you have it; people of the industry like to stay together. told you when Suicide Squad director apologised on Twitter for a disrespectful rant that he went on against Marvel during the New York premiere of Suicide Squad, the latest DC film to hit the theatres. 

Suicide Squad director posts apology for ‘F#$k Marvel’ rant at premiere,Aug 3)

We wonder if Stan’s quote is something that he means genuinely or whether it is just a case of not hurting someone when they are already down. 

While Marvel’s films have hit gold at the box-office, DC’s films have not been appreciated by the audiences as well as the critics. Their last film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opened to very bad reviews and critics as well as the crowd panned the film.

The reviews for Suicide Squad have not been very positive as yet. Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated films this year, this unneeded controversy is definitely something that the film or the director don’t need.

Thumbnail Image Source: alibi & hollywood reporter