The Taylor Swift – Kanye West spat just got uglier

Taylor Swift has strong words for Kim Kardashian defending hubby Kanye West in the Famous controversy

Taylor Swift has come out with a response to Kim’s allegations that Kanye West took her approval before recording the now infamous song Famous. 

She updated this post on her Twitter account:

Kanye West’s Famous video’s controversy is heating up. told you earlier when Kanye recorded lyrics saying that he made Taylor famous. The video also had nude life-size figures of the celebs including Taylor Swift hit (Shocking!! Kanye’s new video has a naked Kim and Taylor in bed with him, June 26). After some initial back and forth, Kanye’s baby-mama Kim Kardashian uploaded videos that allegedly show Kanye speaking to Taylor about the lyrics over the phone.

This controversy is getting uglier by the minute. 

Thumbnail Image Source: gossipcop & hypetrak