Made In Heaven Actress Yaaneea Bharadwaj Shares Her Experience Of Using Nunchuks With Her Favourite Hrithik Roshan- EXCLUSIVE

Yaaneea Bharadwaj recalls the time she did a commercial with Hrithik Roshan and became the first Indian actress to use nunchucks on screen!

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Made In Heaven Actress Yaaneea Bharadwaj Shares Her Experience Of Using Nunchuks With Her Favourite Hrithik Roshan- EXCLUSIVE
'Made In Heaven' fame, Yaaneea Bharadwaj, who left many impressed with her impactful performance in the show, has another interesting skill that she often impresses her followers with. It's her mastery of different weapons that she has learnt all by herself.

Talking about it, the actress shares, "I grew up watching a lot of Bruce Lee films which inspired me to get myself a pair of nunchucks. Then I started training myself in the weapon with the help of videos online. Once, a director who I had previously worked with, approached me for an advertisement and asked if there was something unique we could add to it. So I suggested we do nunchucks, which the client really liked. In fact, not many know it but with this, I became the first Indian female actor to use nunchucks on-screen." ALSO READ: Made In Heaven Actress Yaaneea Bharadwaj: 'The Idea Of Zero Figure Or Chiseled Body Is Destroying The Future Of The Youth'- EXCLUSIVE

She adds, "What was extremely exciting about this was that Hrithik Roshan is my favorite actor and I had always been inspired by him to stay fit and work hard towards your passion, so when I got to know that he was in this commercial too, I couldn't believe it. Immediately, I started practising my nunchucks skills even more because I was so excited and nervous at the same time, thinking that Hrithik would be seeing this too and I am glad it turned out well." ALSO READ: Yaaneea Bharadwaj From Made In Heaven Will Instantly Remind You Of Kareena Kapoor Khan Aka Geet From Jab We Met!

Talking about sword-fighting, she shares, "Besides nunchcks, I also know sword fighting which again, I have trained myself in with the help of YouTube videos. In the lockdown, I watched this series called The Witcher, which is what aggravated my interest in the art. Initially, I started learning with a real heavy but not a sharp sword. Later on, I started practising with my grandfather's sword which was more than 100-years old."

The movie buff has proven herself time with her dedication and talent - having done a commercial with Hrithik Roshan, working with a big-ticket production house like Excel Entertainment and now being a part of the feature film Chhorii, along with another unannounced project in her pipeline.

Image source: Instagram/yaaneeabharadwaj/hrithikroshan