The Family Man 2: Priyamani Reacts to Netizens Calling Her, ‘Fat’ ‘Black’ And 'Pig'

Priyamani who starred in The Family Man 2 reveals how she was criticized on social media for her colour, body weight and no makeup posts

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The Family Man 2: Priyamani Reacts to Netizens Calling Her, ‘Fat’ ‘Black’ And 'Pig'
Cast of the web series, The Family Man 2, has been praised for their marvelous performance in the recently released season. Along with praise, came some unpleasant comments for the female lead of the show, Priyamani. In the conversation with Bollywood Bubble, the actress spoke about how she was body shamed for her weight and skin colour on social media. Priymani who played Manoj Bajpayee’s onscreen wife, mentions that the vile abuse on social media ranged from people calling her 'fat', 'black', 'aunty' and some even went to the extent of calling her a 'pig'. 

Priyamani said, “Honestly speaking, my weight went up to 65 kilos and I did look bigger than what I am right now. So a lot of people have said, ‘oh, you look fat, you look big.’ Right now people are saying, ‘Why you looking thin, we like you when you were fat.’ I’m like, ‘hello, make up your mind. You like me when I’m fat or you like me when I’m thin?’ Being on the bigger side or being on the smaller side, it is each person to himself. Why do you want to body shame people saying, ‘oh you’re fat, you are looking like a pig or…”

Along with body shaming she was targeted for her skin colour, for which the actress also had a befitting reply.  She adds, “She’s 'looking black.' I said, ‘Look, what is wrong, even if I am a dark-skinned person, first of all, change your opinion, don’t call anybody black, because black is beautiful.”

Some of the people also ended up calling her aunty when she posted pictures sans makeup. Speaking about  it she said, “If I post something without makeup, half of them say, ‘Oh with make up you're looking good without make up your looking like an aunty,’ So what! If not today, tomorrow you will also become an aunty. Then somebody said, ‘Oh! you are looking old’.”  ALSO READ: Priyamani On The Family Man 2, 'It's Definitely Going To Be Bigger And Better’ - EXCLUSIVE

Priyamani has featured in many South language films, and was seen in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan and Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express catering to the Hindi speaking audience.  ALSO READ: Priyamani On Family Man Season 2 And Ateet, Plus Her Career Down South- EXCLUSIVE

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