Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, Spoiler Alert, September 25th, 2021: Sanjana Gets Harrased By Her Boss

Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, Spoiler Alert, September 25th, 2021: Sanjana Gets Harrased By Her Bos. Asking her to face her problems head-on, Arundhati takes a stand for Sanjana with everyone.

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Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, Spoiler Alert, September 25th, 2021: Sanjana Gets Harrased By Her Boss
Aniruddha asks Sanjana to go to Gatui’s place if she doesn’t want to get disturbed. As she leaves, Avinash invites Aniruddha for Bhajan. Telling him that he was already getting ready for it, Aniruddha leaves for Bhajan. Meanwhile, after finishing their Bhajan, women from Bhajan Mandal ask Arundhati to sing a Bhajan as well. Blessing everyone with their soothing voices, Arundhati and Gauri sing a beautiful Bhajan. After a while, Sanjana appears at the Bhajan and watches Aniruddha enjoying Arundhati’s Bhajan and feels jealous and envious about Arundhati. Further, Avinash requests more time from the lender to repay his debt. Arundhati tries to make him ask for help from Aniruddha, Kedar, and Appa, but Avi refuses to do that. Further, Arundhati asks him not to worry much about it, but Avi doesn’t feel the same way about his problem. Further, Arundhati explains to Nikhil what is the importance of Durva. She also asks Isha to go shopping. After a while, Sanjana appears in front of them, telling them that she’s leaving for her meeting with the boss. Kanchan tries to stop her, but Sanjana tells her it is important if she wants to get her job back. Nikhil then asks Sanjana whether she’ll be back for Bappa’s visarjan or not? Answering him, Sanjana says that she’ll be back for the visarjan. Further, Arundhati wishes her luck and Sanjana leaves after thanking her. Nikhil and Isha also leave for shopping. Then Kanchan asks Arundhati, if she knows anything about Avinash, as she suspects something is troubling him. Arundhati lies at her as well, but Kanchan doesn’t get satisfied with her answer. 

Further, in tomorrow’s Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte episode, everyone does Bappa’s Pooja before Visarjan. As the Pooja gets finished Sanjana appears at the door. While she tries to offer her Prasad, Arundhati realizes that Sanjana is in tears. Upon asking her what happened, Sanjana tells her that everyone considers her a downgraded woman. Hearing that Aniruddha asks her if someone has said something to her. 

Answering him, Sanjana says that her boss Mehta harassed her saying that she needs to compromise with him if she wants to keep her job. Being devastated by it, Sanjana decides to quit her job, but Arundhati stands for her and stops her. Empowering her, Arundhati tells her that she’ll have to face people who think of her that way. Saying that Arundhati tells Sanjana that she is with her in this fight and everyone else also joins Arundhati’s hand in supporting Sanjana.

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