Allegedly Raped By Ankit Tiwari, Lady Persists With Her Charges; Singer’s Lawyer Responds

After the victim decided to move the High Court in the 2014 rape case, spoke to Ankit Tiwari’s lawyer to get a sense of the latest development

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Allegedly Raped By Ankit Tiwari, Lady Persists With Her Charges; Singer’s Lawyer Responds
A few days ago, Mumbai Sessions Court acquitted music composer Ankit Tiwari in a rape case after the victim took a U-turn and denied most of the accusations made against the accused. However, in a shocking revelation, the victim produced a copy of a letter signed by Ankit Tiwari and his brother Ankur Tiwari, where both have assured that they will never speak about the case or her in public after the disposal of the case -- the reason why the complainant took a u-turn.

However, after reading Ankit’s interview, she felt that Ankit not only tried to hamper her image by claiming that he is innocent, but has also openly said that the case was false.

Hence, the complainant has now decided to get the case reopened and move the High court. While Ankit Tiwari and his brother Ankur Tiwari remanined unavailable to comment, spoke to Ankit's lawyer, Rizwan Merchant about the latest development in the 2014 rape case. He sent us a long text as a reply which reads as follows:

“The acquittal of Ankit Tiwari and Ankur Tiwari is essentially due to failure of the prosecution to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.  The reason and cause for such failure cannot be limited to their failure in bringing on record evidence of the complainant to prove the contents of the complaint and the alleged grievous charge sought to be portrayed therein, but will also extend to prosecution failing to bring other cogent evidence such as doctor's evidence as well as other cogent evidence on record to prove their charge. The cumulative effect of the same was an acquittal.  Now the said failure cannot be subjected to re-evaluation or re-assessment of the same failed evidence, which was already a subject matter of earlier trial.  Disputing or challenging the evidence recorded by trial court on oath amounts to doubting and challenging the majesty of law, which may also entail serious charges against the prosecution, including charges of perjury for giving false evidence.”

We also got in touch with the victim who gave us an insight into what happened at that point of time. For those who have come in late, we reproduce the interview:


Where did you first meet Ankit?
I first me Ankit at a Durga puja. He saw me, and then kept coming at that place often. After that, he got hold of my number and started calling me.

Did you get physical with him soon?
No, we used to go out sometimes, but mostly my sister accompanied us. Then one day at a coffee shop when we were alone, he proposed to me. He said he loves me and wants to marry me.

I clearly told him that he should revisit his thoughts and be sure of what he's saying since I have a daughter from my first marriage. He said that's not a problem, and God willing he will soon be successful in his career and take care of his family. 

ankit tiwari rape case victim speaks about her ordeal when ankit would rape her in an exclusive interview
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And then?
Then, one day at my sister's birthday party, he forced me to have a drink. Firstly let me tell you that he goes around saying that he doesn't touch alcohol, but woh peeta hai.

Coming to that drink, which I was compelled to gulp down, I started feeling very tizzy. After a point, I was not in my senses. After that, he forced himself on me.

Next morning, I called him up to tell him what he had done and (pauses)

Ankit said, 'Shaant raho, main tumhara hamesha saath doonga'. He even used to tell me at some point that I should send the police to his parents' house in Kanpur and try to scare them so that they get us married. Imagine the tricks he used to cajole me, err, fool me.

Did you not feel that he was raping you, when it happened the first time?
All I felt was that Ankit was somewhere near me, but I couldn't feel that he was raping me. I was almost unconscious. He had made me drink too much.

He betrayed me. We had decided that we will never cross the line but Ankit did. I suspected that if we get physical before marriage, it will only lead to complications.

Phir kya hua?
After that, Ankit started getting physical with me on frequent basis. It was never consensual from my side, He used to come to my house and close the room door almost immediately, and keep my daughter and sister outside. After about half hour, he would go away and barely talk to them for 2 minutes. It was sex at Blackmail Point, and always at Blackmail Point.

ankit tiwari mother told the victim she should move on in life in an exclusive interview
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Why did you allow that to happen?
Well, I had no choice. Ankit started blackmailing me that he has a video of our first interlude and even showed me an intimate picture from it, which was stored in his mobile phone which I had gifted him once upon a time.

Suddenly, that phone went missing during the investigations. He claimed that he had lost the instrument. Whenever I tried to see the videos on his phone, he ended up having an ugly fight with me.

Were you not scared that you might get pregnant?
Of course I was. After it was over every time, I had to test... (trails off).

But you withdrew from the case at some point, why?
I did, but that was only because my husband asked me to. Ankit's lawyer Neeraj Gupta used to call up my parents and say, 'Please withdraw karva lo case, Ankit ka career hai, uski shaadi honi baaki hai'.

I returned to resume my fight only because despite our understanding with Ankit that he will never malign my name, he went around saying that I had turned hostile and all my charges against him were false.

Did you ever speak to Ankit's family about the mess Ankit allegedly landed you in?
I did, and his mother's response shocked me. She said: Bachpana hai. Bachche hain, aisa sab hota rehta hai. And she clearly spelt out that he cannot marry me because I am a divorcee and a mother. And do you know what his brother Ankur told me?

He told me that I should move on in my life (pauses).

Go on...
I took my parents to his home in Kanpur too to make his parents understand. After few days, he stop taking my calls.

What happened inside those four walls in Kanpur?
We were only humiliated. I was told that I should not have continued my relationship with Ankit. I replied back saying that he had forcefully continued it against my wishes and not I, but our pleas and explanations feel on deaf ears. We were told: Jo karna hai kar lo.

ankit tiwaris brother ankur told the victim that she should move on in life in an exclusive interview
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Have you met Ankit recently?
Door se dikha hai, but I have not spoken to him at all. I am not interested in having any interaction with him.

I remember I helped him financially so much. He was nobody when he came in contact with me. I was earning almost twice of what he was then. He was a mere struggler earning 20K a month, my driver used to take him around for his meetings in my Honda Civic.

I am married now. My husband is a thorough gentleman. He has stood by me till now, and will always be there for me. I will not give up this fight. I will get the case reopened.

I regret the day I met Ankit. That bloody man ruined so many days of my life. I demand justice.

And can I tell you something more? My husband is also a singer and Ankit is sabotaging his career, going around telling the industry that they should not give work to my husband. Imagine!

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