Adnan Sami Criticized By His Pakistani Fans After He Tweets For India

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... The singer was brave enough to go against his former nation...

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Adnan Sami Criticized By His Pakistani Fans After He Tweets For India

There is a new chapter to add to the Pakistani artistes-MNS controversy every day. While a lot of celebs are voicing their opinion, Adnan Sami, who acquired the Indian citizenship in 2015, has gone ahead and said something surprising for Indians and shocking for his Pakistani fans.

He took to Twitter to congratulate our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and army for their brilliant, successful and mature strategic strikes

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It was quite unbelievable to see him express his thoughts publicly on the social media platform.

What followed next after him supporting India is something which was obvious. He was severely criticized by his fans and followers in Pakistan for his recent tweet but that didn’t budge the singer.

He was brave enough to condemn it in his next tweet:

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A while back, Salman Khan too voiced his opinion on The Indian Motion Picture Producers Association’s ban on Pakistani artistes, where he clearly indicated he is against IMPPA’s decision (Salman Khan: Pak Artistes Come With Permission, Terrorists Don't, 30 Sept).

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