Why Is Sonakshi Sinha Targetting My Brother Armaan Malik? Amaal Mallik Vents On Facebook

Sonakshi Sinha and Armaan Malik’s heated Twitter spat grabbed headlines and now Amaal Mallik has spoken out in defence of his brother

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Why Is Sonakshi Sinha Targetting My Brother Armaan Malik?  Amaal Mallik Vents On Facebook

Amaal Mallik is known for speaking his mind. Whether it is his Twitter rant about illogical award show nominations or accusing composer Mithoon of plagiarism , the young music composer has always freely expressed his opinion.

This time he was no different. Amaal took to Facebook to pour his heart over the recent Twitter feud between his brother, singer Armaan Malik and Sonakshi Sinha.

Here is what he had to say:

“A lot has been said over the past few days by everyone about the issue regarding the #JustinBieber Concert. So I thought of giving this one more try before someone takes up something else to just blabber out onto me & my brother. The rumour of Sonakshi Sinha performing was posted by MissMalini & was first objected by Mr Kailash Kher. Armaan Malik only retweeted him saying it's a sad state and musicians should be given the platform, and he did not tag or personally attack Sonakshi. All he did was support a cause, he believed in, without getting personal. I don't think he deserved to be targeted and ever since, I sensed a fault in conscience on #SonakshiSinhas part. What my mind fails to comprehend is why is she targeting Armaan alone, because obviously it's easier to call him insecure than calling a Senior Hindustani Classical Singer that. Lets get one thing straight....Not a single established or non established singer of this country is insecure of yours or any actors' singing skills. I respected Sonakshi as an actor, and she seemed really sweet, recently we worked together on NOOR as well. But I lost all of that when she involved me into this nonsensical twitterati stating that 'my brother and I both came up to her at some event and asked for a collaboration' which I clearly stated never happened. Just to let the cat out of the bag, Sonakshi was to sing one song for me in #Noor. But the songs I had composed were driven by the script and needed some level of Prowess, knowledge of genre & style in singing which I could only get from singers and thus I couldn't possibly cast her on my songs for the film then. Coming back to the tweets, Armaan & I always spoke of wanting a better artist to open for Justin Bieber & there's nothing wrong in asking for one, we aren't talking about ourselves. I'm sure we are a country with amazing Musical Prowess & I repeat, they must get a chance to showcase it on a stage like that.This is what I categorically said -'As far as actors singing for their personal purposes like Promotion of the movie etc, is concerned, I think there is no harm. But them representing the country musically when an International Icon comes here is something I'm against and every musician should be against. Rather have someone with more skill up there.' Having said all of this, I have no idea why an opinion can cause such a stir. I still stand by the fact that we need someone with more singing and performing skills up there to be representing us and I'll stick by it. I'm sure if asked to choose between an Actor singing and Legendary Singer singing.. Even the actor him/herself would choose the legendary singer. It's a no brainer. I choose Quality over Mediocrity for such a platform and I see nothing wrong with it.Now coming to a man/ boy, I don't know what #LuvSinha. I believe this guy doesn't know the difference between making a general statement & a personal one. You make "Luv" "sound" like a badword hahaha! My tweet was only a general statement about the quality of singers/musicians going up there and not a personal attack. Mr Luv Sinha, a Musician appears in a music video for his survival. Otherwise he'll never be known, he'll never score the shows he needs to. He doesn't do it with the same motive with which the actors sing in their films! So get that straight, ask someone to teach you the trade again because you seemed to have forgotten that after your debut flopped real badly. Direct & Indirect comments about me stealing tunes & stuff isn't cool. They only make you sound like an uncouth idiot trying to get some desperate fame on a social platform. You're right, actors can't steal expressions, or else you would do so in your movie and at least garner a handful of people to watch it. Sadly that wasn't the case. Now coming to the main issue. You also will agree to a Legend getting a chance over your own sister and thus I rest my case because that's all I stood for. A better artist. That's it. There was no personal attack made at anybody. Hope you understand that I myself have worked with stars when they've sung for their films and clearly have no problem with that. Where I sense a problem I will speak. You clearly got rubbed the wrong way.. It's High time you question your conscience. A general statement was taken personally. Only happens when someone somewhere knows it's them, who's not deserving. Think about it my "Luv" hahaa & seriously all the best in life. You need it more than anyone else. You can thank me later for the new found fame coming to you (sic).”

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The ball is in Sonakshi’s court now. Let’s see what does she have to say to this!

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