WATCH: Sunil Grover’s New Avatar, Billa Sharabi, Will Leave You In Splits

Sunil Grover has released a new video, Daaru Pee Ke Girna, and it is the funniest thing you will watch today

Sunil Grover had earlier released a video titled Mere Husband Mujhko Piyar Nahin Karte which saw him as the adorable Rinku Bhabhi.  And now the actor is back with another laugh riot, his latest video Daru Pee Ke Girna released just a few moments before.

sunil grover in daaru pee ke girna song
Sunil Grover In Daaru Pee Ke Girna 

Sunil has mastered the art of playing characters that strike a chord with the audiences. This time he is playing Billa Sharabi in Daru Pee Ke Girna. The video narrates the ordeals of being an alcoholic. Check it out:

The music is composed by Amit Trivedi and Sunil has added the pinch of comedy in it. Grover took to Twitter to share the link to the song sung and penned by him. He tweeted: “Drinking can harm more than a few ways, Billa Sharabi voicing in this video song.”

The video then comes to an end with a special message when Billa Sharabi says- “Sharab Mat Piyo.”

comedian sunil grovers latest song billa sharabi
Sunil Grover’s New Avatar, Billa Sharabi

Meanwhile Sunil Grover has booked his return to the small screen with a show of his own. And it is the same channel which aired The Kapil Sharma Show and the show runners are Simoes sisters, who helmed Kapil’s show.

Image Source: worthsharing & youtube/elephantcompany