Ajith Kumar Assaulted By Director Bala Over ‘Naan Kadavul’? Filmmaker FINALLY Reacts To The Controversy!

Ajith Kumar and director Bala had an argument over Naan Kadavul and reports suggest that the filmmaker beat the actor in a hotel room

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Ajith Kumar Assaulted By Director Bala Over ‘Naan Kadavul’? Filmmaker FINALLY Reacts To The Controversy!
Ajith Kumar and Naan Kadavul director Bala's controversy is not new to the world. Rumours claimed that the filmmaker had supposedly physically confronted the actor due to a film-related disagreement. However, it has only recently come to light that there was no argument at all; it was merely unfounded assumptions. Bala's Tamil film ‘Naan Kadavul’ stands as one of the highlights of his career, earning him the prestigious National Award. The movie starred Arya in the lead role, but were you aware that initially, it was Ajith who was considered for this critically acclaimed project? ALSO READ: SHOCKING! Ajith Kumar’s Fan DIES After He Jumps In Excitement From Lorry While He Was On Way To Watch 1Am Screening Of Thunivu-Reports

Numerous media outlets have reported that Ajith was the initial choice for Naan Kadavul, with the actor even allocating his schedule to Bala for the upcoming months. Yet, it later emerged that the south superstar opted out of the project due to creative differences with the director. While Ajith didn't explicitly state the reasons for his departure from the film he had previously committed to, it was Kumudham and Nakkeeran magazines that later unveiled the details of what had transpired between the actor and the production team.

As reported by IBM, Kumudham and Nakkeeran magazines disclosed that a pivotal meeting took place at a hotel, during which both parties discussed the project’s future. At this meeting, Ajith Kumar received the news that the filmmaker was considering alternative options due to budget constraints, which effectively meant he would be dropped from the film. At that point, Thala had already initiated preparations for his role and was disheartened by this unexpected turn of events. ALSO READ: Ajith Kumar Takes A Stroll In Paris, Signs Jersey And Interacts With Fans In New Viral Videos And Pics At Eiffel Tower-WATCH!

The dispute began when the director insisted that the actor refund the advance payment he had received. However, the actor was resolute in not returning it, citing the significant time and effort he had invested in the project. Ultimately, Ajith resolved the matter by agreeing to return the advance amount.  However, there was no physical violence, albeit disagreement, between Ajith and Bala and this was confirmed by the director. 

Giving clarification on these rumours, the filmmaker said, “Assaulting him in a hotel room is a media-created story, but I admit that there were issues between us.” Ajith never ever spoke about the controversy in public.
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