Nagarjuna: Wild Dog Belongs On The Big Screen - EXCLUSIVE

Nagarjuna's adventure drama Wild Dog has hit the theatres and is doing fine at the box office. The actor reveals why he chose to release the film in theatres in times of Coronavirus

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Nagarjuna: Wild Dog Belongs On The Big Screen - EXCLUSIVE
In spite of  the Covid upsurge, Nagarjuna’s new action adventure Wild Dog has opened to encouraging response. Says Nag, “We always knew it wouldn’t be an opening like normal times. But we were adamant on releasing in theatres. Wild Dog belongs on the big screen.” There was talk of Wild Dog directed by Ashishor Solomon being released on the  OTT platform like many other films that released in the lockdown phase. However, Nagarjuna opposed to it. 

The superstar was totally against releasing Wild Dog digitally and said, “No no, didn’t want to release Wild Dog on OTT. The audience in the South doesn’t like it when their favourite actors release their films on the digital platform. And now with films like Master and Krack doing so well, I think it’s time to return to  the big-screen experience. Look at Uppena. It  has two newcomers in the lead and it is rocking the box office.

”What was the lockdown year 2020 like for Nag? “While I was at home I realised how much I love my work. I want to do as many films as I can without compromising on quality. Having said that, I confess I enjoyed the time off. This is the first time that I got to spend so much time with my family, my wife Amala my two sons Naga Chaitanya and Akhil and  my daughter-in-law Samantha who is an integral part of the family. It was like a full family film for a whole year. So no family films for me for sometime now, please.” 

Image source: Instagram/akkineninagarjuna07/imbd