"Put Armaan Kohli In Jail," Demands Bigg Boss 7 Co-Contestant Sofia Hayat

Sofia Hayat has come out in support of Neeru Randhawa, who was assaulted by her live-in boyfriend, former Bigg Boss contestant, Armaan Kohli. Sofia too had been at the receiving end of Armaan's wrath inside the Bigg Boss house. She now wants justice and Armaan to be put behind the bars...

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"Put Armaan Kohli In Jail," Demands Bigg Boss 7 Co-Contestant Sofia Hayat
Armaan Kohli is infamous for his short temper. His live-in girlfriend Neeru Randhawa was at the receiving end of his wrath yesterday, as she was assaulted by him. She is currently in Kokilaben hospital. Neeru has filed a police complaint against Armaan at the Santa Cruz (W) police station.

Now, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat has come out in support of Neeru. She took to social media to share videos demanding justice for Neeru. Have a look:

Sofia posted the video with the caption: "Please put Armaan Kohli in jail this time (sic)."

She went on to put out another long message for Armaan in her next video.  She captioned it as: "India justice system..now is your chance to show that you are not messed up and allow yourself to be paid off by these people...set an example for once instead of letting film stars get away with abusing women. The whole world already thinks India is a country of rapists and is unsafe for women. What are you going to do about protecting the beautiful image of india and it's sacred history..and protecting women by these men who drag this beautiful countries name in the mud. India has the heart of the mother..is the mother..Mata...rise and show you care! (sic)."

Sofia didn't stop at this. She went ahead to share a pic with the caption: "Speak the truth..(sic)."

Another pic she posted with a caption: "Every woman is your Mother, sister, child and wife (sic)."

For those who've come in late, Sofia had been assaulted by Armaan inside the Bigg Boss 7 house and she had registered a complaint at the Lonavala police station. As Sofia claims, that case was done away with due to some of Armaan's powerful connections, which included even Salman Khan.

When contacted by a leading daily about Neeru's incident, Sofia said, “I am not surprised that Armaan has another allegation against him for beating up his girlfriend. I have actually met Neeru a few times in London. She is a close friend of a friend of mine. She is a very bubbly person who loves to go out and meet people. We used to party back in the day. I know she was a fan of Armaan Kohli before they got together and I am not shocked that Armaan has done this. I am not surprised with an FIR filed against him. I would like to say that Neeru doesn’t stand a chance in this case as I know Armaan’s family will pay off her lawyers because they paid off my both lawyers too and I had to leave India. Because I know Armaan’s family is powerful and will pay people off people so that nothing goes to court. It's really sad that this is how the justice system works in India. When Armaan hit me in the Bigg Boss house, the makers of the show did nothing and even Salman Khan helped him. He will help him again because that’s what abusers do they stick together and support each other. Armaan Kohli should go to jail for what he has done. We need to set up an example. Men who beat women straight away need to go to jail. When people like him get away and are not punished other young boys and men feel that is it fine to beat or rape a woman and nothing will happen to them. Even when Armaan hit me that same thing happened neither Bigg Boss helped nor the host of the show Salman Khan. I would love to see Armaan Kohli in jail but the truth is the justice system is corrupt and Armaan’s family has enough money to get their son out of the jail.”

Image Source: instagram/sofiahayat & twitter/biggbossnewsetter