Actress Kashmera Shah Claims Karan Mehra Hit Her Friend Nisha Rawal, Says, ‘I Am With Nisha And Apparently He Did Hit Her’

Kashmera Shah as per reports mentioned that Karan Mehra had financially messed up which led to issues between him and his wife Nisha Rawal

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Actress Kashmera Shah Claims Karan Mehra Hit Her Friend Nisha Rawal, Says, ‘I Am With Nisha And Apparently He Did Hit Her’
Today came the shocking news of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame actor Karan Mehra being arrested after his wife Nisha Rawal filed a police complaint against him. Post which the actor was released on bail; he opened up about their marriage hitting rock bottom with the couple planning to part ways. As per reports in ETimes TV Nisha Rawal’s close actress Kashmera Shah has come out in her support and has claimed that Karan hit her and she stated that Nisha has been quiet about it all this while.

Being a supportive friend Kashmera said, "I am with Nisha and apparently he (Karan) did hit her and there were a lot of financial things he has MESSED up with and he has been hitting her for the last couple of times and we found out when we came to the house and Nisha has been quiet about it because it is a very personal thing. We knew there were problems but didn't know to what extent. And you cannot interfere also as a best friend you can just be with her."

Commenting on Karan’s revelation about Nisha harming herself, Kashmera mentions that the actor is doing so to just protect himself and whatever Nisha has said is the truth. She added, "Not true she can't bang herself and get such a deep gash. It cannot be self-inflicted, there is a lockdown going on what if she didn't get medical attention. Right now more than domestic violence we are standing with a friend and we will always be here for her."

Speaking about Nisha, Kashmera shared that Karan had understood that Nisha has been working as well as taking care of their son. Also according to Kashmera, he had messed up with his finances that led to their relationship hitting a rough patch. Kashmera adds, "He should understand she is a mother who is taking care of her child and has been working all these years. And whatever I know Karan has done some financial mess which actually strained their relationship between the two of them." ALSO READ: Nisha Rawal Posted THIS Adorable Picture With Her Son Hours Before Filing A Complaint Against Her Husband Karan Mehra

Kashmera also strongly opposed Karan’s violent behaviour towards Nisha, she said, "But whatever the issue you cannot raise your hand on anyone this cannot be tolerated." ALSO READ: Nisha Rawal Says Her Husband Karan Mehra Has An Extramarital Affair; Reveals She Has Evidence Of Domestic Violence Against Him

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