After TV And Films, Eijaz Khan States Exploring OTT Space, Made Him Feel Like A Beginner, Says, ‘My Innings Has Just Begun’

After his successful stint in Bigg Boss 14, Eijaz Khan is currently busy with OTT projects

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After TV And Films, Eijaz Khan States Exploring OTT Space, Made Him Feel Like A Beginner, Says, ‘My Innings Has Just Begun’
Actor Eijaz Khan who worked in TV shows and films is now exploring the OTT zone with utmost zeal. The actor in conversation with ETimes TV shared working in the booming section of the entertainment business, he feels he has just begun his acting career. He states OTT platform has tons of work to offer to the artists in the industry. Meanwhile, it is also a tough competition, as he recently lost two projects to an actor. However, he is happy that he is back in action.

Eijaz said, “I feel like a beginner. My innings has just begun! I have done television, films also happened, and now, I am enjoying the process of exploring the OTT space. I think the platform has opened the floodgates for work for everyone. It’s the best place for actors to experiment and evolve. Having said that, the competition is also quite tough here. I lost out on two projects to one actor recently. But yeh sab chalta hai. At least I was in the running.”

The music video trend is once booming in the industry, with many TV and films actors being part of it. However, the Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi actor shares losing out on dark and passionate music video in recent times. The music video was offered to him and his ladylove Pavitra Punia. He speculated the plan fizzled out as he did not have a maximum number of followers on the social media platforms.

He added, “I loved the song. It was harsh, dark and passionate. Pavitra (Punia; Eijaz’s girlfriend) and I were approached for it five times. We really wanted to do it. But I don’t know what happened after that. I thought maybe we didn’t get it because I don’t have a million followers, I don’t know. I hope it’s not the reason. But I will probably call the producer and ask about it.” ALSO READ: Eijaz Khan On How His Meeting With Pavitra Punia’s Parents Went: ‘I Had Sweaty Palms And Was A Little Awkward’

Eijaz credited Bigg Boss 14 for the massive increase in his number of followers on his social media account. “Facebook came in 2006, and I had semi-retired by then. At that point, whatever the public knew about me was through news articles. People didn’t know who Eijaz Khan was, and I was a very private person, I still am. But after Bigg Boss, my fan following increased by 500% (laughs),” said the actor.

Also, he feels the show got him closer to the audience, who are wanting to know more about him. “During the show, people got to know me, and they connected with me. But because they saw me 24X7 for more than 100 days, they now want to know everything about my life. People tend to forget that my primary craft is acting and not showcasing my life. It gets tiring sometimes, but I understand that it comes from a space of love and respect for me. I am going back to being an actor now because that’s who I am, and my fans will get to see that version of me,” the actor continued. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Eijaz Khan On How The Reality Show Has Changed His Career: 'I Don't Think It Has Really Changed My Career'

Throwing light on his upcoming projects, he said, “I have already done a mock shoot for a TV show. It’s something that I haven’t done before. Hopefully, it will be materialised by December. I will be doing a lot of work on different OTT platforms, I will also start shooting with Pavitra for one of the projects. It’s going to be super funny (smiles). And I have also signed a film, I will start shooting for it from October 15 in Lucknow. As of now, I am looking forward to these.”

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