Anupamaa Fans Celebrate ONE Year Of Anu-Anuj’s Wedding; Revisit Their Favourite MaAn Moments From The Show- Take A Look

Fans have been flooding social media with their favourite romantic scenes of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna from Anupamaa as their characters Anu and Anuj complete a year of marriage

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Anupamaa Fans Celebrate ONE Year Of Anu-Anuj’s Wedding; Revisit Their Favourite MaAn Moments From The Show- Take A Look
Anupamaa has become Indian television’s one of the most sought after shows. Starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, has even maintained its number spot on the BARC rating for quite some time now. With every episode, the makers are doing their best to entertain the audience with the high-voltage drama. However, witnessing their beloved MaAn going through a dragged out separation, has left fans angered and disappointed.

Amidst manifesting the couple’s reunion, netizens have taken it upon themselves to revisit their romantic moments as their wedding completes one year. The hashtags Anupamaa and MaAn have been trending on Twitter for quite some time now. While netizens usually use it to criticise the makers and the story arc, today they are painting the trending section red with the couple’s adorable moments from the show. From their dances to their wedding, fans are having a gala time showering their favourite jodi with love and adoration. ALSO READ: Anupamaa Fans Get EMOTIONAL As They Wait For Their Favourite Anu-Anuj To Reunite- READ TWEETS

Take a look at the tweets:

According to the ongoing plot, Anu has been emotionally dealing with questions like if Anuj has moved on with Maya and forgotten about her and what has led to Choti’s change in behaviour as Anuj attends Samar and Dimpy’s wedding with Choti Anu and Maya. ALSO READ: Anupamaa Written Update: Anu’s Close Bond With Bhairavi Makes Choti Anu Jealous; Anuj Gets Possessive About His Daughter

Talking about the upcoming track, it is being reported that finally having enough of Maya’s manipulative ways, Anuj will meet with Anu at a market, where he will finally reveal everything that has been happening with him and Choti Anu. He will inform her of the entire truth and then Anu along with Devika will save her husband and daughter from Maya’s trap. 

Reports also suggested that following the entire ordeal, the show will go through a leap, post which Kavya will be seen giving birth to a baby. Anu will be seen going to the US for 3 years with Malti Devi and Bhairavi to focus on her dance career.
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