Anupamaa: From Aneri Vajani To Tasneem Sheikh, 8 Actors Whose Departure From Rupali Ganguly Starrer Left Fans Emotional

Over the paste few years, many actors from the show Anupamaa left a lasting impact on the audience with their performances

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Anupamaa: From Aneri Vajani To Tasneem Sheikh, 8 Actors Whose Departure From Rupali Ganguly Starrer Left Fans Emotional
Anupamaa has become Indian television’s one of the most sought after shows. Starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, has even maintained its number spot on the BARC rating for quite some time now. With every episode, the makers are doing their best to entertain the audience with the high-voltage drama. From introducing new characters, to shaping up the lives of the old pivotal characters, the makers have their hands full. Over the years, the show has witnessed a lot of plotlines and characters that left the netizens impressed with the performance of the actors portraying certain characters.

From Deepak Gheewala’s GK Kaka to Aneri Vajani’s Mukku and Tasneem Sheikh’s Rakhi Dave, here’s a list of eight actors who are dearly missed by the audience:

Deepak Gheewala: The veteran actor and filmmaker, essayed the role of GK Kaka in the show. He played the role of Anuj and Malavika Kapadia’s house help and foster father, he was well loved by the audience however, with time his role came to an end.

Aneri Vajani: The actress left everyone rooting for her with her portrayal of Malvika Kapadia aka Mukku, Anuj’s adoptive sister. While she was a part of the show for a very short time, she left a lasting impression on the audience with her impactful performance. Her exit from the show left fans heartbroken.

Shekhar Shukla: Just like his other characters, he essayed the role of happy-go-lucky guy mamaji in Anupamaa. He left everyone with a smile on their faces with his positive attitude, however as the story progressed forward, the makers decided to do away with his role.


Ekta Saraiya: She essayed the role of Vanraj Shah’s sister in the show. While she wasn’t a consistent character, her portrayal of Dolly was loved by the audience. As the story started shifting more towards the love-story between Anupamaa and Anuj, her character was seen lesser and lesser until eventually, she is not even mentioned on the show anymore. 

Paresh Bhatt: Paresh played the character of Sanjay Dhamecha, Dolly’s husband. Being one of the most-loved characters from the show, his and Dolly’s complete disappearance from the Shah family has left the fans emotional.

Tasneem Sheikh: The actress played the role of rakhi Dave in the show. She left the fans impressed with her performance as Kinjal’s mother. However, as the show took new turns with new plotlines, her character’s presence wasn’t needed anymore.

Rushad Rana: He essayed the pivotal role of Aniruddh Gandhi, Kavya’s ex-husband in the show. While his character was one of the prominent ones during the entire span of the show, he later made his exit after the show focused more on the relationship between Anu, Anuj and Vanraj.
Anagha Bhosale: She essayed the role of Nandini Iyer aka Nandu, Kavya’s niece and Samar’s first love interest. While the fans were in love with her character, she quit the show to walk on the spiritual path.

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