Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Kavya Leaves Anupamaa, Vanraj And Shah Family In A Huge Shock

Viewers of Anupamaa, gear up for a big surprise on the show, as Kavya turns the table- Deets inside

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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Kavya Leaves Anupamaa, Vanraj And Shah Family In A Huge Shock
Vanraj did not witness Bapuji leaving the house after Baa insulted him. Finally, in the recent episode, he gets to know the bitter scenario that was created in the house in his absence. What begins then is the blame game, where Kavya is seen holding Anupamaa responsible. To save herself from Vanraj’s anger, she tells him Anupamaa instigate Bapuji. Followed by this she also blames Anupamaa for purposely holding a party at her academy to irk Baa. Vanraj and Anupamaa question Kavya why she didn’t stop Bapuji from leaving the house. 

However, towards the end, Baa confesses it was her mistake and everything happened because of her. Kavya was the one who instigated her. Vanraj loses his cool over Baa, and asks her to get Bapuji back in the Shah residence. In a fit of anger, Vanraj closes the door on Baa’s face, while Anupamaa tries to stop him from doing it, but in vain. Samar is seen informing Anuj about it. While Vanraj is trying to close the door on Baa’s face, he sees Bapuji walking towards the house. 

As Vanraj tries to convince Bapuji to return home, he refuses. Baa confesses she insulted him as Kavya instigated. Listening to this, Kavya begins to argue with Baa.

Vanraj in order to let his parents live peacefully, tells Kavya they should leave Shah residence. But she denies it. Followed by leaving everyone shocked as Kavya shows house papers which now carry her name as an owner, what happens next? ALSO READ: Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT: Baa Asks Anu To Convince Babuji To Come Back Home; Vanraj Is Back From His Trip

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