Bigg Boss 10, Day 44: Swami Omji Caught Hoarding Utilities In The House

We tell you what will happen in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10. VJ Bani, Jason, Elena and Rahul move into the jail. But it turns out that Swami Omji is the real thief in the house

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Bigg Boss 10, Day 44: Swami Omji Caught Hoarding Utilities In The House
The Bigg Boss 10 fans who keep a hawk's eye on the inhabitants of the Bigg Boss House may have witnessed Swami Omji hiding deodorants after trying them in the washroom. Tonight, Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar reveal it all.  The duo tell all the housemates that over the last month Swami Omji has hoarded a lot of stuff that was sent for them every week. 

Manu and Manveer bring out trays full of deodrants, shampoos and other daily utilities stored in Swamiji’s shelf in the baggage area. Priyanka Jagga who has recently re-entered the house is shocked to see this side of Swamiji whom she regards and respects as her father. While Priyanka is blown away with this revelation, the other housemates have a hearty laugh.

Seeing this, Swami Omji accuses Manu and Manveer of maligning him. Priyanka reprimands Swamiji by saying that such actions are only tarnishing his image in front of the entire nation.


As the day progresses, Swamiji cribs about Manu and Manveer to Priyanka. Mona Lisa who is present in the room at the moment overhears it and asks Swamiji to stop with the ranting.She also informs Manu and Manveer of the same.


Later, Priyanka attempts to instigate Manu and Manveer against Mona Lisa. She does it by twisting the entire episode that took place between her and Omji. But Manu and Manveer see right through her efforts to break the friendship of the 3Ms – Manu-Mona-Manveer and stop her right away.


Manu defends Monalisa and says she doesn’t like to hear any gossip regarding them (Manu and Manveer) because she’s their good friend. His response irks Priyanka. It ends with Mona Lisa asking Priyanka, ‘Tum ho kaun?’ 


Another highlight o the evening’s episode is that the nominated contestants – the ones who lost the Dome Task (Bigg Boss 10, Day 43: Priyanka Jagga: Mera aur Mona Ka Koi Comparison Hi Nahi Hai! Nov 28th 2016)

A shocking twist tonight is Bigg Boss has taken away the captaincy powers from Rohan Mehra, citing his incompetence. Bigg Boss questions his captaincy as he (Bigg Boss) had to intervene in order maintain peace and order in the house.a


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