Bigg Boss 11 Friendship Of Hina Khan-Vikas Gupta Ends On An Ugly Note

Seems, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta might never talk again. Their equation has been ruptured, maybe because Hina is Priyank Sharma's close friend. You remember Priyank's recent fight with Vikas at JW Marriott, don't you? Read what happened at a recent BCL match, last weekend

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Bigg Boss 11 Friendship Of Hina Khan-Vikas Gupta Ends On An Ugly Note
Recently, Luv Tyagi said goodbye to close friend Hina Khan on his Instagram when he deleted her from his list. The reason is still not known but guess, Hina and Priyank did something to him together that hurt and drove him strike off in fact both names. Now Vikas Gupta seems to have said goodbye to Hina's friendship and here too, Priyank Sharma is to be blamed, at least substantially if not fully. We know Priyank and Hina are very close buddies. The story goes that Vikas looked through Hina at a Box Cricket League (BCL) match in Film City (Goregaon). No prizes for guessing that Vikas' recent fight with Priyank at Hotel JW Marriott (Juhu) was the main reason, in fact perhaps the only reason. Hina too didn't seem interested in talking to Vikas.

This afternoon, we brought you an awkward moment between Hina Khan and Parth Samthaan at a BCL match. An eye-witness says, "The total ignore that Hina and Vikas gave to each other was uglier than the cold 'Hi' which HIna and Parth exchanged. Almost everybody present at the match, wherein Hina and Vikas crossed paths, noticed that they maintained a distance and no effort was made from either side to talk to each other. Soon, tongues started wagging and one could hear people talking that the Vikas-Priyank Marriott fiasco was the reason and it was crystal clear that like in Luv's case, Hina and Priyank were a team."

Priyank Vikas

FYI, was the FIRST to break the story that Vikas and Priyank almost came to blows at JW Marriott's gym on March 30 when Priyank allegedly blocked Vikas's way and pushed him hard. Vikas had even spoken to few days after that, confirming the unpleasant incident.

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Priyank Hina Vikas

After Bigg Boss 11, both Hina and Vikas never spoke against each other. They might not have been as thick as thieves but there was something that made them develop a healthy regard for each other. They had their claws out but those were for Shilpa Shinde only.

Hina Khan

Lekin aaj kal ke daur mein, aur sirf Bollywood and Tellywood mein nahin, kahan waqt lagta hai equations badalne mein? Log ek doosre ke kahe mein aa jate hain and even lose their long-standing faith in each other. Guess that's exactly what has happened in Vikas and Hina's case. Priyank seems to be the reason here and who knows, he might have poisoned Hina's ears against Vikas. Can't help remembering the song 'Yeh duniya ke badaltey rishtey' from the famous Jeetendra-Rishi Kapoor-Reena Roy 1978 film Badaltey Rishtey! And of course, 'Dost dost na raha' too from the Raj Kapoor-Vyjanthimala-Rajendra Kumar 1964 Sangam! 

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