Vikas Gupta Opens Up On Priyank Sharma's Fight With Him In JW Marriott; Says, "He Takes Steroids And Needs A Doctor"

J W Marriott (Juhu) would have become a boxing ring few days ago, when Priyank Sharma and Vikas Gupta almost came to blows. Thanks to the bystanders and hotel officials, the tempers were calmed but not before Vikas had run out from the gym seeing Priyank's undying rage

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Vikas Gupta Opens Up On Priyank Sharma's Fight With Him In JW Marriott; Says, "He Takes Steroids And Needs A Doctor"
It's never over they say in journalism as one story leads to another and it's always better if all the parties involved in every story talk and go on record. But those days were fast diminishing since a long time and nowadays, they're only few and far in between. Three parties in question here- Priyank Sharma, Benafsha Soonawalla and Vikas Gupta- and neither was ready to talk on Friday when we broke the Priyank-Vikas fight story--- but finally, Vikas decided to speak EXCLUSIVELY to last evening and we bring you his version.

Says Vikas, "Your report was so right. I wasn’t speaking on this for few days because I think Priyank committed a criminal offence. Well, it was one of his attacks due to his intake of steroids. He has had a similar episode in the past ---but never to this level what he did in JW Marriott (Juhu) gym that day. Priyank was angry that I had told everyone about his unprofessional behaviour on Puncch Beat and the fact that we had to consequently incur losses of several lakhs. The truth about his fake surgery, that had to be done which stopped my shoot for weeks. had come out. He wanted me to take my words back.

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Initially, I thought he was drunk, but guess it’s all the steroids talking, that he keeps pumping into his body.

So yeah, Priyank pushed me and blocked my way. I tried to escape but he started a fight. He attacked me with a water bottle which burst on the wall and thank god it did not hit me in my eyes, ears or face. I ran out from the gym wondering what has happened to him.

The CCTV must have captured me, running out and crying for help. Worse still, he said 'Dekho kaise ladkiyon jaise bhaag raha hai'.

I don’t fight, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.

I choose not to fight, Priyank is an unprofessional, aggressive Steroids Ki Dukaan. If he was beaten up by me as he claimed that day, why did he say nice things about me to the media, the next day?

These are all signs of craziness. I have been requesting his parents to take him to a doctor. He used to be a very good and sorted friend until some time back, but what I saw of him on that day I am now very scared of him and my mother has kept a 24-hour security around me."

For those who've come in late, brought you the EXCLUSIVE STORY of the Priyank Sharma-Vikas Gupta fracas on Friday; it happened just a day after the Indian Telly Awards.

Priyank hadn't denied it then, but refused to elaborate. Benafsha too hadn't denied the fight when we had called her for her take, but excused herself out from dwelling on it. Priyank, however, has still not spoken about it, text messages and calls have failed to evoke any response so far. 

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