BIGG BOSS 11: Gauahar Khan TROLLED For Supporting Akash Dadlani

In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, Akash Dadlani had given a side hug to Shilpa Shinde, which miffed her and she slammed him. Now, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Gauahar Khan rendered her support to Akash and Twitterati trolled the actress...

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BIGG BOSS 11: Gauahar Khan TROLLED For Supporting Akash Dadlani

Whether it’s forcibly kissing Shilpa Shinde or getting dirty with Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani has always been in the news for his actions in Bigg Boss 11. Now, in the episode aired yesterday, Akash gave a side hug to Shilpa Shinde which enraged the actress and she ended up slamming him.

Akash Dadlani Hugs Shilpa Shinde 

Akash, in his defence, said that even she slapped his butt to which Shilpa replied that was while we were having fun and nothing was done forcibly. Ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Gauahar Khan, came out in support of Akash and tweeted that he is the purest soul. “Aakash didn't do anything wrong.... Really sad ... Over reaction🙄Aakash , purest heart🌟,” she wrote. 

No sooner she put out the tweet in support of Akash, the netizens trolled her. Check out a few comments.

“NO MEANS NO. These boys must realise, 'No' ka matlab 'No' hota hai. Use bolne wali ladki koi parichit ho, friend ho, girlfriend ho, koi s*x worker ho ya apki apni biwi hi kyu na ho. 'No' means 'No'. And when someone says so you STOP! #bb11 @isalilsand @HerdHUSH @RealVinduSingh,” replied a netizen. 

This Internet user wants Gauahar Khan to spend a month with Akash to check how pure hearted Akash is. The user expresses his displeasure via a tweet.

Gauahar Khan gets slammed for double standards. “Did you seen Akash hug? Then how you can say he was wrong ? Double standards,” writes a user.

“Akash ladka hai na...o kuch bhi bol sakta hai and kuch bhi kar sakta hai (sic),” says another user.

“Are you really Supporting that A-trash over Shilpa??? Woww, hands down!!!  U think Shilpa was overreacting u haven't seen the episodes properly the way he was harrassing her was so torturing. #BiggBoss11 (sic),” reads a tweet.

This user thinks that Gauauhar supported Kushal Tandon too when he was wrong. "Aare chodo yeh to kushal ko b support kr rhi thi uske galat hone k bawjud b (sic)," reads another tweet.

“U should have said that too when vikas pushed Akash badly in jail. But no u then supported vikas. When Akash was continuously harresing Shilpa, u didn't put ur POV! But now when she expressed her uneasiness with Akash,it seems "overacting" to u!What an upgraded thinking u have!(sic),” writes a user.

This netizen looks mighty miffed with Gauahar and pours her frustration on via a tweet. Without mincing words, the netizen writes, “Do din apne ghar rakhlo pta chal jayega purest heart."

“Baar baar maffi magna aur phir wae galati karana ye acha h,”reads a tweet read.

This social media user asks Gauahar to step into Shilpa’s shoes. "If it was Gauhar in place of Shilpa then she would have slapped him ...I don't understand y is Gauhar behaving like this," writes the user. 

Another user says, Shilpa is an independent woman who stands for herself and is right. "Vikas n hina kya kr re h vo dekho jra koi bhi bta skta h ki insecurity  me kitna fgir re h. Shilpa ki soch aise hoti na toh vo actress nu bnti she is an independent woman at 4o.She stood fr hrself itne bdi channel k samnr (sic)."

“I was your biggest fan till this tweet...It was not expected from you dear 😢😢 we supported you in your season and last season it was your best friend whom we supported like hell... But it this really your true colour??  I am sorry but you have lost all respect.. #ShilpaFTW,” writes another user.

This netizen looks really upset with Gauahar. "N look how indian celebs r supprtng👏.. we r common ppl who mk them celebs n it is disappointing seeing this stuffs," read the tweet. 

Now, we wait for Gauahar Khan’s reaction on the same. 

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