Bigg Boss 12: Inside Details Of Shivashish Mishra's Meeting With Astrologer, Who Told Him He Won't Make Much Headway

Shivashish Mishra wanted to win Bigg Boss 12- and how! He had even consulted an astrologer, but was clearly told that his numbers and stars were not adding up well, at least for now

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Bigg Boss 12: Inside Details Of Shivashish Mishra's Meeting With Astrologer, Who Told Him He Won't Make Much Headway
Often, nervousness and excitement leads one to forecasters. At least Shivashish Mishra is no exception to this. The Bigg Boss 12 ousted contestant had a closed-door meeting with astrologer-numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani before he availed the Big Boss 12 big ticket. Clearly, he wanted to know if he could win the Colors' reality show. But alas! And think of it now, maybe an extra 'A' in his surname might have helped if Jumaani's analysis is anything to go by. Also Read: Bigg Boss 12: Furious Megha Dhade Spits And Throws Chappal On Deepak Thakur

However, in this 'too late in the day' case, Jumaani had clearly told him that he does not stand much chance of winning the show, leave aside making it into the creamy list of the last few contestants. When contacted, Jumaani told, "Shivashish Mishra is a number '5' in his 27th (9) Year. '5' & '9' don't go well unless one is an Arian or Scorpion. His name adds up to 49, which means it can make him isolated from his own people. Not a good number from material standpoint. My suggestion is to add an 'A' in 'Mishra'. And, just like Dharmendra, Kajol, Jeetendra and Govinda, Shivashish too should use only his first name as the screen name. His first name adds to 33, a very powerful form of '6', Venus."

And what exactly did he tell Shivashish about his slim chances of winning Bigg Boss 12? "I told him that I will be hugely surprised if he makes it to the last few weeks," Jumaani replied. also has it that Shivashish took it sportingly.

shivashish mishra sanjay jumaani bigg boss
Shivashish Mishra & Sanjay Jumaani In Bigg Boss House

Last weekend, Shivashish had been expelled from the show for disrespecting it- breaking the rules inside the house and repeatedly insulting Bigg Boss. We had brought you that news much before the episode in question was telecast, followed by his FIRST and EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. 

shivashish mishra bigg boss 12

shivashish mishra bigg boss 12

So that's that! Even if Mishra sneaks in through the backdoor- Wild Card Entry- it seems that he is astrologically not favourably placed. Well, this one was for those who believe in astrology and numerology and certainly not to advocate them. The ruler is always the Almighty.

This is not the first time when Bigg Boss has taken such a decision. Last season, Priyank Sharma was sent back home for breaking the rule by indulging in a physical fight. Also, Zubair Khan, after he attempted suicide by consuming tablets.

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