Bigg Boss 14's Sonali Phogat On Life After Her Video Of Thrashing A Man With Slipper Went Viral: 'I Was Abused, Trolled, Might Have Ended My Life'- EXCLUSIVE

Sonali Phogat spoke to us exclusively before entering the bigg boss 14 house. She spoke about the hardships she had to face after her video, where she was seen thrashing a man with slippers, went viral

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Bigg Boss 14's Sonali Phogat On Life After Her Video Of Thrashing A Man With Slipper Went Viral: 'I Was Abused, Trolled, Might Have Ended My Life'- EXCLUSIVE
Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sonali Phogat, who made her wildcard entry in the show recently, has been surrounded with controversies. The actor turned political leader and TikTok star made headlines in June this year, after a video of her beating a man with her slipper went viral. Sonali gained major attention when a video of her thrashing Balsamand market secretary, Sultan Singh with a slipper in the presence of Haryana Police, went viral online. 

In the video, she can be heard saying, "Am I working to hear abuses from people like you? Do I not have the right to a dignified life. You…you have no right to live." Sonali landed in controversy and a case was registered against her for the act.  ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Wildcard Entry Sonali Phogat Reveals Being 'Mentally Tortured' Post Her Husband’s Death; Says, 'Saw The Reality Of People'

Now, talking to excluisvely, for the first time Sonali revealed how this one video gave her more mental torture and she was on the verge of ending her life. 

Talking to us before entering Bigg Boss 14 house, she informed us, "I had to face a lot of problems after the video went viral. But I have no regrets for what I have done as it was about my esteem. Post that incident, a lot of people trolled me and I was mentally tortured. Par agar koi aurat akeli khadi hoti hai jiske sar par uske pati ka saaya nahi hai to uske liye ladai mushkil ho jaati hai. I can't even tell you the situation I had to face at that point of time. It was so painful that if I would not have been a strong person, I may not have been in this world today."  ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Mastermind Vikas Gupta Beats Everyone In Task To Become The New Captain Of The House

She went on saying, "Ever since I joined social media, it was for the first time when I was trolled. A lot of abuses were given to me. And I got disturbed as I had never heard such words in my family. And people love me for my work. But this one incident took away a lot of things. But now, I am out of it and finally getting the same love and respect. People are supporting me now. The case is on."

Sonali who has been surrounded by controversies doesn't mind sharing it on national television and feels her life journey could be a motivation for others. "My life has been like an open book. I have struggled a lot. Recently, I had to go through a lot for my self-respect and I didn't give up. In the house, if all these matters will come up I won't mind talking about it openly. We have come forward to give out a good message to society and if I will hide things, then that won't be okay. I am in fact going with an intention to keep my life journey in front of everyone. To tell the world how a farmer's daughter reached till here. I may be a motivation to many," Sonali concluded. 

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