Bigg Boss 15: Evicted Contestant Akasa Singh On Being Trolled For Her Bonding With Pratik Sehajpal, Says, ‘We Cared For Each Other’

BB15 contestant Akasa Singh post-elimination gave befitting replies to trolls targeting her bond with Pratik Sehajpal

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Bigg Boss 15: Evicted Contestant Akasa Singh On Being Trolled For Her Bonding With Pratik Sehajpal, Says, ‘We Cared For Each Other’
Recently Bigg Boss 15 contestant Akasa Singh was eliminated from the Salman Khan hosted TV reality. Akasa Khan who shared a close bond with Pratik Sehajpal, was speculated to create a love angle with him to survive in the game. She was also targeted for using Pratik to become famous. Finally, after her eviction, Akasa opened up to and spoke about trolls and Pratik Sehajpal. She told the portal, “The funny thing is that in the house, Pratik was someone who everyone was against so everyone was warning me not to be friends with him. Not to support him and I was being told time and again that you are also looking wrong so don't be around him.”

She added, “So, if I had to use him for the game, I would have actually stayed away and listened to people. But I decided to listen to my heart and I genuinely found a true friend in Pratik. I don't know but I felt like he really cared for me and I cared for him.”
Hence, addressing the topic of her playing a game to be in BB15, she clarified, “So this whole thing about me doing all this for the game, I would have been close to a lot of people and stuck to them for whatever reason. I genuinely felt a bond with Pratik. Both of us were there for each other and we cared for each other.”

Akasa on being evicted was asked with whom would she stay in touch, she quickly picked 3 names, Pratik Sehajpal, Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal.  She said, “I think I will be in touch with everyone and we will have this reunion for sure. But definitely I see myself chilling a lot with Pratik. Obviously I am waiting to see Pratik again. Umru and Simbu (Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal) we have have made a lot of plans together.”

On a lighter note, she shared that she would like to do a music video with Umar and Simba, “I have to do a music video with Simba and Umar Riaz ki setting karani hai. Apart from that, Karan Kundrra. I was in touch with Karan even before we entered Bigg Boss and I will maintain that. I love that guy. And yes everyone else as well like Nishant, Tejasswi,” said Akasa.  ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 15: Akasa Singh Gets EVICTED; Pratik Sehajpal Says ‘Her Absence Is Going To Hit Me’

Akasa also added she would like to know Shamita Shetty as well, “I would love to get to know Shamita Shetty more. I think were just beginning to bond a lot and I really her as a woman. In all I will meet everyone but I feel I will be close to Simba, Umar, Pratik, Karan and maybe Nishant.”

Akasa Singh is the fourth contestant to get eliminated, prior to her Sahil Shroff, Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya were evicted from the show. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 15: Akasa Singh's Parents Call Her Friendship With Pratik Sehajpal 'Real And Genuine'; Adds, 'Their Bond Is Not Like Ieshaan And Miesha'

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