Bigg Boss 15 Wildcard Entrant Rajiv Adatia Ahead Of Entering The House: 'Shamita Shetty Had Been Begging Me To Join The Show'

Rajiv Adatia, who is Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty’s rakhi brother, entered the Bigg Boss House on Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

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Bigg Boss 15 Wildcard Entrant Rajiv Adatia Ahead Of Entering The House: 'Shamita Shetty Had Been Begging Me To Join The Show'
Shamita Shetty's rakhi brother Rajiv Adatia is the first wild card contestant on Bigg Boss 15. Host Salman Khan welcomed him on Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode. In an interview with Hindustan Times ahead of joining the show, Rajiv spoke about his chemistry with Shamita Shetty and shared that he may cry after seeing her inside the house.

The former model said, “I have known them [Shamita and Shilpa Shetty] for 10-12 years. I met Shilpa, Shamita and aunty (their mother Sunanda Shetty). We are spiritually connected. Not sure if you have noticed but Shamita is a very spiritual person. My connection with them began on a spiritual level. We are all god-fearing and we nurtured a bond that has since blossomed. I love them dearly.”

Rajiv Adatia also said that Shamita will be excited to see him, adding that he may break down upon meeting her. “She will be excited, she won’t know what to do. She had been begging me to join the show and I was like ‘because of Covid-19, I won’t come. But you go and enjoy’. Now, she is going to be shocked. I may start crying, I have not seen her in two years. Maybe later I will be jumping around with her.”

Until recently, Bigg Boss 15 has witnessed several violent outbursts amongst the contestants and this has ultimately sparked major Twitter wars amongst the fans of the show. However, unlike the previous seasons, perpetrators of violence are not being punished as harshly.

To this end, Adatia said, “I totally agree with this. In a show like Bigg Boss, I do not respect the violence that is going on. If anyone touches me, forget slam-dunking, if anyone even touches me, I will not have it. I have come with a contract that says that no one can touch me! What did I sign the contract for then? I have certain respect in life, I did not come on the show to be insulted or thrown around or anything.”

He also spoke about the controversies revolving around Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal. He said, “I will definitely take a stand and not take it lying down.” He continued, “Pratik Sehajpal forgot it within an hour. I have no clue why people are taking it. There should be stricter rules for any kind of violence. I have told the Bigg Boss team as well."

Born and brought up in London, Rajiv Adatia is a former model. He has now turned into a businessman and social media influencer.

Image Source: Instagram/rajivadatia