Bigg Boss 16 ELIMINATION: Sreejita De Becomes The FIRST Contestant To Be Evicted From The House? – DETAILS BELOW

Sreejita De will be the first contestant to be evicted by Bigg Boss 16 and she is currently trending on social media

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Bigg Boss 16 ELIMINATION: Sreejita De Becomes The FIRST Contestant To Be Evicted From The House? – DETAILS BELOW

The audience will be glued to their television screens this weekend, as Salman Khan will conduct Bigg Boss 16’s first eviction, two weeks after the reality show was launched. While the audience is intrigued to know which contestant would be the unlucky one to bid adieu to the show, social media fan pages are a buzz that it is Sreejita De.

Yes, your read that right!

While, Tina Dutta, MC Stan, Shalin Bhanot, Sreejita De and Gori Nagori were nominated for the eviction. However, Sreejita will be evicted from the house.

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One of the fan pages wrote on Twitter, “BREAKING! #BiggBoss_Tak CONFIRMED!!!  Sreejita De become the first contestant to get EVICTED from the #BiggBoss16”

Following the tweet, fans took to the comments sections to express their views on the same. One tweet said, “She was going wrong inside the house, in the wronh group, using wrong words & completely opposite of what i expected her to be”, other said, “aur chipko nimmo chachi ke group me uss grp me jo bhi jate hai sab ngtv ban jate hai,” another one said, “Woah why.. anyway she is not doing much.”

Some fans even said that Gori Nagori should have been evicted instead of Sreejita. “gori ko evict hona chahiye tha.... sreejita deserve karti hai rehna. #bb16 gori se much better sreejita,” wrote a user. Another wrote, “Nooo. She was amazing. Gori should've gone”

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The comments were referring to when a heated argument had broken out between the Uttaran actress and the Haryanvi singer. In the heat of the moment, Sreejita had called Gori standard-less, which had left the audience uneasy.

While social media is abuzz with the news, there is no official comment on the eviction and only time will tell if Sreejita would say goodbye to the Bigg Boss 16 house this week or not.

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