Blast From The Past: When Rakhi Sawant Slapped Claudia Ciesla On A TV Comedy Show Leaving Her In Tears

Post this nasty incident Rakhi Sawant and Claudia Ciesla have had a cold war between them; Rakhi slapped Claudia during an act on Comedy Circus

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Blast From The Past: When Rakhi Sawant  Slapped Claudia Ciesla On A TV Comedy Show Leaving Her In Tears
Rakhi Sawant is known as a controversy kid for a reason, the actress on several occasions have managed to grab limelight with her over the top drama and motormouth nature. As per reported in Pinkvilla, the actress who has been associated with many TV reality shows from the beginning of career, has mentioned about a nasty incident from the past in their latest news piece. Back in the days when she featured on comedy show, Comedy Circus, she was in the news for slapping her co-contestant. 

Seen on Comedy Circus, the actress as part of the act was supposed to slap her co-contestant Claudia Ciesla. The Bigg Boss 14 contestant went overboard and slapped Claudia really hard. It resulted into Claudia’s face being swollen and actress being left in tears. This did not go down well with the foreign artist and she told people of Rakhi hurting her intentionally. While Claudia was seen lamenting about it, Rakhi remain unfazed with it. Meanwhile, Rakhi began to cry for her hand being hurt. 

Rakhi also denied Claudia’s claims; also as soon as this bitter incident took place, the makers of the TV show suspended the act. Since then the two actresses have a cold war going on between them. 

In the past as well Rakhi had slapped her boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi. This incident happened after they broke up and he came back to her to apologize, he had also got the media along with him to capture their reconciliation, but Rakhi ended up slapping him in the front of the media. She claimed that she had parted ways as Abhishek was too possessive. ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant Schools A Passer-By As He Looks At Her; Bigg Boss 14 Fame Asks Him To Move Ahead, Says ‘Ladki Nahi Dekhi Kya Kabhi Uncle, Jao Na’-WATCH

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