Danish Zehen’s Instagram Account Reactivated, Victory For Late YouTube Star’s Fans!

Danish Zehen’s fans can finally rejoice as his Instagram account has been reinstated. Vikas Gupta shared the news on social media

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Danish Zehen’s Instagram Account Reactivated, Victory For Late YouTube Star’s Fans!
 Here’s good news for Danish Zehen fans. Instagram has reactivated the late YouTube star’s account. The Ace Of Space contestant’s profile was taken down after his account saw a spurt in its followers post his death. The news was shared by Vikas Gupta.

He wrote, “Thank you @instagram and everyone else who tweeted , messages , commented and sent messages to #Instagram to get #danishzehen account back 😊 congratulations #fambruharmy and everyone else who loved and keeps Danish in their #Zehen ♥️ @danish_zehen you will always be around and your memories will always be there. Keep Smiling where ever you are My #Houseguest #Famly #AceOfSpace P.S. everything is possible if you really attempt for it.”

While requesting Instagram to take note of the issue and reinstate Danish’s profile, Vikas had written, “Tribute by @mtvindia for @danish_zehen It's a request to @instagramto please reinstate #danishzehen Instagram account. His family has sent emails and tried contacting but there is no response so far. This is very important for his family and people who love him  please share this and tag @instagram on comments so that they take into notice. His brother is trying a lot from his side but I think when the number of people increase they will have to notice and take an action. #Coolestbadboi#zehen #aceofspace My #houseguest P.S. please come together to help his family #lostsouls.”

Danish met with a road accident on December 20 and died on the spot. The mishap took place on Mumbai-Vashi highway. His last rites took place the following day and thousands of fans had gathered to bid him a tearful goodbye. This is indeed a victory for his well-wishers.  

Image Source: Instagram/lostboyjourney,danish_zehen