Dipika Chikhlia Aka Sita Is ‘Surprised And Shocked’ That The Show Was Chopped In Its Rerun- EXCLUSIVE

Dipika Chikhlia who essayed the role of Sita in the popular mythological show Ramayan is not very pleased by the fact that certain scenes were edited out in its rerun

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Dipika Chikhlia Aka Sita Is ‘Surprised And Shocked’ That The Show Was Chopped In Its Rerun- EXCLUSIVE
Ramanand Sagar’s mythological show Ramayan marked a comeback on our TV screens and the audience was definitely hooked and booked to this show. The high TRP’s are proof. But, a controversy had taken shape when Raavan’s slaughter scene was chopped off along with a few more sequences. The editing had upset the viewers a great deal.

We spoke to Dipika Chikhlia who played Sita on the show, a couple of days ago. We had learned that Sita is not too happy about the way Ramayan has been handled/exhibited in its rerun on national television.

We called her and she categorically said that 'she is surprised and shocked as well'.


Meanwhile, let us remind you that we had done an interesting and exhaustive chat with Dipika wherein she had shared some of her fondest memories of the 1987 show "Ramayan set was a male-dominated. I was the only actress on the sets, primarily, so mostly I would sit with the Sagar family and their daughter-in-laws. At most, I spoke to Dara Singh ji on and off. Also, Shyam ji, was most of the times in his mask- in fact- he didn't even say his dialogues. He was just asked to be on the screen because of his sheer magical personality and was told, 'Aapki lines baad mein dub kar lenge, aap kuch bhi bol lo abhi.'" said Dipika.

For those who’ve missed it, we reproduce the video above. CLICK ON IT!

Back to this story. We wonder how the other ensemble actors in this Ramanand Sagar show are feeling about the scissors that have been applied. It would also be interesting to know what's going on in the minds of the members of the Sagar family.

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